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We’re not going to lie—we’ve definitely been guilty of phoning it in during a core workout. Basic crunches become burn-y and boring real fast, so it’s easy to lose focus and motivation. The best way to shake things up for your mind and your muscles: Try a new, super-quick core workout like this six-minute one.

The routine is unique because it focuses on core control and challenges your hip flexors as well as your abs. The entire video is just under 12 minutes, but the trainer, Dave Durante, spends the first few minutes thoroughly explaining each exercise and the workout structure. Grab an exercise mat if you like, then hit play to get started.

To recap: An exercise mat is optional. Repeat the full circuit a total of 3 times with little to no rest in between.

Single-Leg Pike-Up (5 on each leg)
Pike-Up x 10
Straddle-Up x 10
Russian Twist x 50