Aaron Rodgers is an incredibly talented (super dreamy) quarterback that’s well loved by Packers fans and middle-aged women alike. Let’s just say he’s got a massive fan base (over a million fans on facebook). So how does he like to hang out with fans? He dresses up in feather boas and cowboy hats, and bounces his 225 pound frame on a trampoline with a 5th grade cancer survivor.

Through his itsAaron campaign, Rodgers is starting to raise awareness for great causes. He visits kids who’ve battled early onset diseases such as Maggie Conlon who beat cancer. Rodgers may be best known for his work behind the offensive line, but off the field he sets an example for athletes and celebrities that can have a big hand in social good.

ItsAaron, recently created by Rodgers and Milwaukee attorney David Gruber, helps support the MACC Fund (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer), a non profit that has contributed $41 million dollars to childhood cancer and related blood disorder research since 1976.

This video, the org’s first, shows 10-year-old Conlon who was born with a golf-ball sized tumor under her tongue. When she was only six weeks old, she was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma. After 19 months of intense chemotherapy, and multiple surgeries, Conlon is cancer free, sharing her story, and playing soccer with a pro football player (how she does it in those trendy ballet flats, we just don’t know).

It’s great to see a total bro like Rodgers drop his ego and do something awesome. Of course he’s not the only famous face supporting a cause, in fact the NFL participated in breast cancer awareness month by selling pink gear. Rodgers’ video looks like it cost a lot of money to make, but hopefully the awareness it raises (with more than 65,000 views) is a good trade off.

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