Move over dumbbells, squat racks, and fancy fitness equipment — sometimes, our bodyweight is all we need to get a great workout. So this week we asked our ambassadors for their their favorite bodyweight exercise. Get inspired and go try em out yourself!

1. Squats

Rachel Omolewu: Squats! Any shape or form: Deep, plie, traveling, jumping, wide stance, narrow stance, elevated...the list goes on and on. It tones the legs, lifts the glutes, and reinfoces good posture. A win all the way around!

2. push-ups

Isha Tohill: Push-ups are the ultiamte bodyweight success story. Everyone wants to be able to do them! They're a fantastic workout, like bench press and planks all in one. And, I never thought I'd say this, they're FUN. The first time I was able to do them on my toes, I giggled. True story.

3. jump lunges

Sara Stahlman: I love the lateral skater hop and switching jump lunges. Jumping (plyometric movement) allows people to build both strength and speed at the same time. Plus, these particular exercises also stretch my body in ways I don't do often enough.

4. plYO squats

Sam Bangs: Plyo squats! They are KILLER and kick my heart rate into my max zone in no time. I do them as tabatas — it's no joke.

5. burpees

Chris Malenab: My favorite bodyweight exercise is running!! But okay...burpees too!

6. chin-ups

Maureen Faherty: Chin-ups, push-ups, burpees, and hip thrusters are my all-time faves. But if I have to choose just ONE, I'd have to go with chin-ups. Nothing works my abs, back, and biceps more than those :)

7. push-ups

Jacki Hayes: I love push-ups! In elementary school, I remember being told I could do "girl" push-ups for the fitness test in PE. At the ripe old age of 10, I vowed that I would never resort to them. If it meant I could only do one strict push-up, that was what I was going to do. As an adult, I have managed to keep that commitment

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What's your favorite bodyweight exercise? Let us know in the comments below or tweet at @greatist.