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Fitness: Should Down Dog Be In the Olympics? — NY Daily News

Is competitive yoga going against its spiritual discipline? Read about the argument for yogis joining the ranks with other world-class athletes.

Health: This Is What You’ll Pay For At the Grocery Store [INFOGRAPHIC} — Business Insider

Put down that bacon — it may be cheaper elsewhere. Here’s a guide for where to buy what at the next trip to the grocery store.

Happiness: How To Be Happy Anywhere — Fast Company

Martin Lindstrom spent 300 days traveling the world, and learned a thing or two about what it truly means to be happy.

Blogger Spotlight: The Restorative Power of the Personal Retreat — Mark’s Daily Apple

No free time? Make some. Mark delves into how getting away for a few days can really restore the mind and body.

Grab Bag! Blind Gymnast’s Leap of Faith [VIDEO] — ABC News

Think the balance beam is hard as is? Watch this inspiring video of an 11 year-old who dominates the gymnasium despite being legally blind.