Jillian Michaels and Ryan Gosling—who? When it comes to hot, sexy abs, it’s time we forget the celebrity mags and As Seen on TV ads, and get our fitspiration from the wild. Mother Nature don’t mess around.

Meet the Manimals

1. Spaniel Abs

2. Owl Abs

3. Penguin Abs

4. Sheep Abs

5. Sea Lion Abs

6. Chick Abs

7. Boxer Abs

8. Parrot Abs

9. Camel Abs

10. Rabbit Abs

11. Orangutan Abs

12. Maltese Abs

13. Lamb Abs

14. Bird Abs

15. Horse Abs

16. German Sheppard Abs

17. Calico Abs

18. Giraffe Abs

19. Donkey Abs

20. Cheetah Abs

21. Cat Abs

Disclaimer: This article, along with all others posted on April 1st, is meant to poke fun at articles you might read elsewhere (or at least close to them). Read more about our reasoning behind this little practical joke here. Happy April Fools’ Day!