Here at Greatist we believe everyone should be able to comfortably find their strength training stride, gym rats and newbies alike. But sometimes the path to power and strength isn’t so clear. Are free weights the best bet? Do kettlebells hold the secret to greater strength? How do I make a schedule and, more importantly, stick to it?

We’ve collected our best strength-related posts with tips on how and when to get started, top strength training exercises, how to break through power plateaus, and even how to make sure those hard-earned muscles don’t atrophy at the last minute.

Take a read and let us know, how do you add strength training into your daily routine?

Getting Started

Find Your Perfect Strength Training Plan

Read up on how to find the strength-training plan that works best for your goals.

How to Make a Strength Training Plan (And Keep It!)

Hitting the gym can be a daunting task. Read on for tips on how to find the right strength training plan and stick to it.

The Beginner’s Guide to Building Muscle

Guest contributor JC Deen guides us through a healthy approach to building muscle, including how to set realistic goals for gaining strength and size.

Start Strength Training Today

Strength training has some unexpected benefits — check them out here before you get started!

20 Reasons to Start Strength Training

Lifting weights might have more advantages than you’d think, including lowered risk of disease, revved up metabolism, and improved self-esteem. So read on, grab some dumbbells, and get pumping!

Strength Exercises

Build Strength and Power with Kettlebells

Learn the secret to getting stronger, faster, and more powerful with kettlebells.

Balance Out Your Body with Dumbbells

Even out your workout and body by tackling on side at a time.

30 Dumbbell Exercises Missing From Your Routine

Think those dumbbells are only good for a few sets of biceps curls? Read on to discover new ways to work in those dumbbells.

22 Kick-Ass Kettlebell Exercises

Drop the dumbbells. Here are 22 kettlebell exercises that’ll give the whole body a killer workout.

Train Your Butt for Strength and Speed

Looking to boost power, whether in the gym or just dashing around the house? Learn how — and what — to train for explosiveness and increased power in all movement.

The Next Level
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How Do I Find My One-Rep Max?

Ready to test your own strength? Here’s how to find that one-rep max — without landing in the ER.

Mix It Up to Improve Strength

Break through fitness plateaus with these simple tips.

How to Break Through a Strength Training Plateau

Every now and then we stop seeing results from hitting the gym. (What gives?!) Luckily, we have some tips to make sure that hard work keeps paying off.

The Reasons You’re Not Getting Stronger

Stuck lifting the same weight week after week? Strength coach Tony Gentilcore breaks down the most common weight training mistakes and how to fix them.

Tips and Info
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How to Stay Strong and Prevent Muscle Loss

Weights feel heavier? Treadmill seem faster? Find out how long it takes to lose muscle mass and strength and what you can do to keep fit even during breaks.

Ask an Expert: Which Should I Do First, Cardio or Strength Training?

Does it matter if we hit the squat rack before or after the roads? We headed to our expert network to find out!

How to Lift Smarter: An Intro to Conjugate Training

Strength coach and trainer Jordan Syatt explains how people from powerlifters to pickup basketball players can train for speed, explosiveness, and strength, all with the same program.

Runners — Strength Train!

Even runners need to strength train — here’s why!

Why All Runners Should Strength Train

What’s the key to staying injury-free? Guest contributor Jason Fitzgerald breaks down why strength training is so important for runners today.

Hack Your Gym: Save Time and Lift More with These Tips

Learn how to get the most out of your gym with these five simple and fun gym hacks.

How do you add strength training into your daily routine? Let us know in the comments below.

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