A romantic dinner-for-two can go down any time of the year, but it doesn’t exactly get that heart rate up. To keep the love alive this winter season (without carrying around the mistletoe), we rounded up the best fitness date ideas to work the heart in more ways than one!

Forget Dinner and a Movie — Your Action Plan

1. Hit the slopes. Grab the skis or snowboards and head to the mountain. The balancing act isn’t just key to avoiding a face plant in the snow, it could also help work those abs. Want another perk? Extra alone time on the chair lift!

2. Cut a rug. Skip the pub and hit the club for a great aerobic workoutSix weeks of aerobic dance exercise improves blood oxidative stress status and increases interluekin-2 in previously sedentary women. Leelarungrayub, D., Saidee, K., Pothongsunun, P., et al. Oxidative Stress and Exercise Biochemistry Laboratory, Department of Physical Therapy, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, 2011 Jul;15(3):355-62.. A little hip swaying and feet stomping will burn way more calories than sitting on a bar stool with that third glass of eggnog.

3. See the sights. Get off the couch, bundle up, and go see the holiday sights! Check out the twinkling Christmas lights, or window shop around the ritzy part of town. A little walking (hand in hand!) always does a body good.

4. Snuggle on the sled. It takes two to toboggan, so grab the sled and embrace your inner child! Race each other back up the snowy hills for a hidden hill workout, too!

5. Just kick it. Skip the treadmills and pick a fun fitness class to try together. Sneak in a full-body workout with some kickboxing or escape from the bear hug (not the cuddly kind!) in a self-defense class.

6. Clip in and climb up. Rock climbing is a unique indoor idea perfect for any romantic duo. Show off strength (or help hoist each other up) when climbing the wall— it’s a great aerobic workout, tooPhysiological adaptation in noncompetitive rock climbers: good for aerobic fitness? Rodio, A., Fattorini, L., Rosponi, A., et al. Motor Science and Health Department, Motor Science Faculty, University of Cassino, Cassino, Italy. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 2008 Mar;22(2):359-64..

7. Stretch each other oooout. Roll out the yoga mats and try a side-by-side deep-breathing yoga session. Going through the motions will help improve flexibility, which could also come in handy behind closed doors.

8. Get in a (snowball) fight. Ten times less messy than a food fight, running around in the snow and (softly?) throwing snowballs will work those arms and guarantee a ton of laughs.

9. Zigzag to laser tag. For a little competitive fun, grab that infrared-emitting targeting device (we swear it’s more romantic than it sounds) and run, duck, and squat for cover. Team up or fight to the laser death!

10. Get on the ice. Ice skating is a classic winter outing with hidden workout wonders (building leg strength, for one). So lace up those skates and help each other balance on the ice.

11. Hit the alley. It may not be a candlelit restaurant, but don’t underestimate the old school ambiance of a bowling alley. Those arms will get a workout (plus, extra points for coming up with a sexy bowling name).

12. Strap on the snowshoes. Forget the long walk on the beach and take a stroll down some peaceful snowy paths instead. Trekking though the snow will get that heart rate going faster than the typical dry land jaunt.

13. Grab a racquet. Compete in a one-on-one racquet sport. For a fat-burning aerobic workout, try indoor tennis or squashHealth benefits of tennis. Pluim, B.M., Staal, J.B., Marks, B.L., et al. Royal Netherlands Lawn Tennis Association, Amersfoort, The Netherlands. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2007 Nov;41(11):760-8.. Plus, gals— how often can we wear a short skirt when working out?

14. Jog down memory lane (literally). Gear up in his-and-hers workout suits and go on a romantic run together. The endorphins could prompt some happy reminiscing, including the location of your first date, or perhaps that first kiss.

15. Go on a gym date. Hitting the weight room can increase trust between partners; it may even rev up the libido! Spot each other on the bench press (but hit the showers together at home).

Did we miss anything? Which fitness-related date would you like to go on?