The Whole30 is not an official weight-loss program. It doesn’t restrict or count calories or specific macronutrients but rather focuses on eliminating processed foods in the diet to help you feel your best. Having said that, since you are cutting out typically higher calorie, high-sugar foods as part of the diet and focusing on high-quality sources of proteins, fats, and vegetables, there is a good chance you will lose weight.

Your best chance at sustainable weight loss involves finding ways to incorporate some Whole30 principles (namely, to reduce processed food and sugar) in the long run. This doesn’t mean never having cake on your birthday again, but rather, learning to wean yourself off of a consistent dependence on sweets and improving your relationship with wholesome food.

Most importantly, you're going to feel good and your energy will be high. If that scale number starts to drop (bonus!), try not to make it your focus. Put your energy toward making these delicious Whole30 breakfasts that will set you up for success all day long. And don't worry about making dinner, the Crock-Pot has you covered.

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