We know half the fun of watching the Super Bowl is hanging out with your friends and snacking in front of the TV. But if you’re doing the Whole30, navigating your way through a snack table or buffet at a party on game day can be like breaking through the defensive line.

Luckily, there's hope. We’ve rounded up 11 flavorful takes on sports bar classics that are all Whole30-approved. Just because you’ve got priorities when it comes to what you’re eating doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the good times. And yes, there are chicken wings (of course).

Sweet potatoes cut in half and roasted topped with ground meat Sloppy Joe filling and sprinkled with scallions. This is a Whole30 compliant meal.

Give this childhood classic a Whole30 twist by ladling your Sloppy Joe mix onto a baked sweet potato. The meaty, saucy filling is the perfect partner for the roasted sweet potato, giving you that sweet-savory combo that’s a total winner. It’s easy to make a whole bunch for a crowd, so you’re not fussing in the kitchen while everyone’s watching the big game.

White bowl filled with all-meat chili, topped with a sprinkling of raw white onion. This is a Whole30 compliant meal.

What Super Bowl party would be complete without a big pot of chili? This bean-free chili is hearty and a little bit spicy, which means it’ll be a total crowd-pleaser on game day. Wanna round out your chili without adding beans? Throw some sweet potatoes or carrots into that baby and let 'em simmer. The best part? Make this ahead of time and warm it up day of.

Tray of roasted Brussels sprouts with a whit bowl in the center. White bowl is filled with garlic and bacon aioli dip for the roasted sprouts. This is a Whole30 compliant meal.

Brussels sprouts and bacon are a winning pair, but the addition of this creamy aioli dip will take your sprouts to the next level. If you’ve been craving something creamy without the dairy, this’ll hit the spot.

Bacon and caramelized onion jam on top of a thinly sliced, baked sweet potato round. This is a Whole30 compliant dish.

Class up the joint with these wow-worthy sweet potato crostinis topped with caramelized onion and bacon compote. This impressive (and easy) appetizer can safely sit at room temperature while you serve everything else. Though we have a feeling they’ll get eaten pretty quickly.

Julienned carrots on a baking sheet with a small aluminum bowl of white dipping sauce. This is a Whole30 compliant dish.

Move over, sweet potato fries. There’s a new orange fry on the menu. These carrot fries are a perfect side for some of the meatier dishes you’re eating with Whole30. The cashew-based dipping sauce is creamy and packed with flavor. Plus, if there’s some leftover, you can top a salad with it the next day. Score!

Tahini-based dip in a white bowl on a wood surface surrounded by vegetable chips. This is a Whole30 compliant dish.

With hummus on the outs during Whole30, this tahini dip easily takes its place. Serve it with a crudité platter or with your favorite crunchy snack. For your non-Whole30ers, it’ll taste great with pita chips too.

Chicken wings tossed in hot sauce, glistening on a piece of parchment paper and surrounded by celery sticks. This is a Whole30 compliant dish.

Honestly, if there’s one thing we love any time of the year, it’s wings. And fortunately for all of us, they’re easily Whole30-able. Get that crispy, crunchy, saucy goodness at home. Go for the extra point and make Whole30 ranch dip to dunk them in.

White bowl filled with parsnips sliced into circles that have been baked with oil and salt to turn them into chips. This is a Whole30 compliant dish.

We’re obsessed with veggie chips. They give that same snackable, crunchy feeling as potato chips but are totally Whole30-approved when you cook them in the right oils (like coconut or avocado). Plus, they’re dead easy. Dip 'em in one of those awesome sauces you’ve made or enjoy them alone in all their glory.

Pulled pork in chipotle sauce inside a leaf of Bibb lettuce with avocado slices and white sauce drizzled on top. This is a Whole30 compliant dish.

Give your oven a break and use your slow cooker to make this dish. The lettuce wrap is a perfect vehicle for this taco-inspired spin on pulled pork, and the avocado aioli is the stuff that Whole30 dreams are made of. Serve it as an appetizer or a main. Either way, you’ll be coming back for seconds.

Baked, thinly sliced plantains in a cone of waxed paper. This is a Whole30 compliant dish.

If plantain chips aren’t already a go-to Whole30 snack, they will be after this. A little sweet, a little salty and the perfect amount of crunch, these chips are just waiting for a dip to round out their deliciousness. Wanna spice it up? There are different flavor variations right in this recipe.

Baked kale with salt, oil, and garlic powder on a baking sheet. This is a Whole30 compliant dish.

Kale chips are a classic low-carb alternative to potato chips, and they’re a perfect chip option for Whole30ers too. Give 'em an extra punch of flavor by adding garlic powder to your seasoning. Try and resist the temptation to eat them all before the game starts (we dare you).

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