What do Mallomars, pudding served in a crystal bowl, and stale Chinese takeout have in common? They’re all foods discussed on Gilmore Girls.

If you already knew that, odds are you’re counting down the days until November 25, when the Netflix revival of the show airs, bringing Stars Hollow and all its wacky characters back into our lives. We’re pretty excited too. OK, we’re *really* excited. If, like many other die-hard fans, you’re planning to host a viewing party to binge-watch all four installments, we highly recommend you do it up in true Gilmore fashion: with as much food as possible. (Once your binge is complete, we have plenty of healthier recipes to get you back on track, like these breakfasts, these lunches, and these dinners.)

To get in the proper mood for our marathon, we’re revisiting our top 10 food moments from the show, which actually include some pretty wise words on the subject of eating. Which do you agree with most?

1. Danish Day is the happiest of all days, and it’s just fine to have pastries for breakfast every now and then.

gilmore girls: Danish day

"Bite, please."

2. It’s completely OK to a eat ton of Chinese food, as long as you *consider* getting a treadmill. gilmore girls: chinese

And while takeout is the best for Friday nights, you can always make your own.

3. If eating cake is wrong, being right is overrated.

gilmore girls: cake

If you don't have the system of a Gilmore: Paleo-approved cakes exist (and taste good) too.

4. You don’t have to eat fancy food on romantic holidays.

gilmore girls: romance

Just don't forget the wine.

5. It’s OK to have feelings for your dessert.

gilmore girls: pie

Especially boysenberry pie.

6. Eating massive quantities of food is the only way to help a hangover.

gilmore girls: hangover

"Half the fun in being with you is the horrified looks on the waiters' faces."

7. Sporting events exist solely as a place to eat massive amounts of liquid cheese on chips.

gilmore girls: sports

"I'm hockeying!"

8. If there’s lettuce on your burger, it counts as a vegetable—even if you pick said lettuce off.

gilmore girls: lettuce"It left its essence."

9. Getting something to go is better than skipping a meal when you have a big day ahead of you.

gilmore girls: yale special

A Yale special is always an acceptable breakfast. Unless you went to Harvard.

10. Pop-Tarts taste like freedom and rebellion and independence, which are a few things we all need right now.

10 Things We Learned About Food From Gilmore Girls"And I thought nothing had ever tasted so good."

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