Maybe you recently watched What the Health, or you became a believer in Mark Bittman’s vegan-before-6 p.m. theory, or your goal is to simply eat healthier. Whatever your—and anyone else’s—reason, vegan diets are becoming more mainstream. And lucky for all of us (vegan or not), vegan food has really stepped it up in the snack department. From fiery Inca corn nuts to insanely “cheesy” cauliflower puffs, here are some awesome vegan snacks you can get on Amazon.

1. Vegan Rob’s Cauliflower Puffs

These puffs taste crazy cheesy thanks to nutritional yeast flakes (or NYF). In addition to that cheese flavor, NYF is also a great source of vitamin B12, which can be hard for vegans to get since it’s mostly found in animal products. These puffs are lighter than your typical Pirate’s Booty kind of snack, so automatically that means we can binge on them during a movie marathon, right?($25.90;

2. Cayenne Chickpeatos

Think chickpeas only belong in Mediterranean salads and hummus? Think again. These puffed chickpeas are full of protein and fall under the “once you pop, you can’t stop” category. That kick of cayenne provides a spicy touch that might slow you down, but it will definitely keep your taste buds wanting more.($13.99;

3. Inka Corn

We could all give the bag of chips a break, but when we still want something crunchy, corn nuts to the rescue. These are especially awesome thanks to their lime and pepper flavors that will make you feel like you’re eating your favorite Mexican food in one chompable snack.($25.95;

4. Dang Sticky Rice Chips

We doubt you’ve had chips like this before. They’re crispy and addictive, and their sweetness comes from watermelons! If you think potato chips are too boring, we suggest dipping these into your favorite spread.($14.32;

5. Mamma Chia Squeeze

Ever see a baby drinking one of those applesauce packs and think “damn, I’m jealous”? Well, now you too can have the convenient, comforting feeling of squeezing something tasty into your mouth. Chia seeds are high in healthy fat and amino acids, and the blackberry and grape flavors blend wonderfully.($8.99;

6. Lotus Foods Arare Rice Crackers

This is an umami-rich take on those Asian rice cracker snack mixes you’ve seen. The ingredients are organic and you’ll have to trust us when we say that they just taste fresher than your typical snack. Pro tip: Pair it with your favorite beer for a healthyish bar snack.($3.99;

7. Sejoyia Brussel Bytes

These snacks answer the question, “What if kale chips were made of Brussels sprouts?” They have the same crunch and slight bitterness of a kale chip but are great if you just feel so sick of the OG green snack. For a salty veggie crunch, make a snack mix with Brussel Bytes and seaweed.($33.24;

8. CLIF Kid ZFruit Bars

These are like the fruit leathers you remember, only in a rope, Twizzler-like shape that’s a blast to bite into. These bars mix tons of fruits together and feel like an easy way to get one of your five servings.($9.73;

9. Lundberg Seaweed Tamari Rice Cakes

Rice cakes can seem like boring hospital food, but with the addition of gluten-free soy sauce, a.k.a. tamari, and seaweed, you will totally forget about the bland oat cakes you used to spread peanut butter on.($3.99;

10. Seasnax Chomperz

If you’ve had those sheets of nori in a plastic container, you’ll get a real thrill out of Seasnax. They combine seaweed and rice to make a chip that has a unique texture and a salty taste.($8.14;

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