Thanks to the world wide web, we now have access to more snacks from more pockets of the world than ever before. One of the best ways to track em’ down and try em’ all is through snack boxes or a snack delivery services that curate interesting and, in some cases, hard-to-find snacks from here to Tokyo. There are a good many snack boxes to choose from, each with its own specialty curating packages of sweet and salty snacks delivered monthly—or a one time order if you prefer. In the spirit of cuter snacking, we rolled up our sleeves and dug in to pull out our favorite snack boxes and snack delivery services in 2021.

Bokksu: Best Overall Snack Box

The Japanese have snacking down to an art form. The Japanese art of snacking, you might say.

Bokksu knows this better than anyone, collecting some of the best snacks from the far east and sending them far west (or anywhere in between) in one-time or recurring monthly boxes. And oh boy are they fun! The best part about Bokksu is almost none of the snacks remind you of snacks we already have here, but are (mostly) freakin’ delicious. Which begs the question: “What the heck are we doing wrong here, people?!”

Best Snacks: Seaweed tempura, green tea and lemon cakes, yuzu gummies, and strawberry Kit-Kats.Buy Now

MunchPak: Our Favorite Snack Box for Global Guilty Pleasures

Not to be outdone, MunchPak features some of the best snacks from around the world, including countries like Brazil, France, Canada, Greece, and Japan. While Bokksu is serving up 100% snack class, MunchPak has a few more, let’s call them, guilty pleasure snacks. If you’re a sucker for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Sour Patch Kids but also consider yourself worldly AF, this is probably a good snack box for you.

Best snacks: Biscolata mood cookies, Kingsbury Flamin’ Hot Claws, and Fini sour candy straws.Buy Now

Universal Yums: Our Favorite Snack Box for Variety

This is sort of somewhere in between Bokksu and MunchPak. With Universal Yums, you’ll get snacks from around the world (like MunchPak) but of a slightly higher pedigree (like Bokksu). Think good salted French chocolate, purple yam shortbread, and Turkish-spiced Bagarati cracker chips.

Best Snacks: Black truffle potato chips, handmade baklava, and garlic plantain chips.Buy Now

Candy Club: Our Favorite Candy Only Snack Box

One guess as to what this snack gift box and subscription does best. But we’re not talking boring old Milky Ways and Skittles here: Candy Club sends its own candies and they change monthly for subscribers. A healthy mix of fruity, sour, and chocolate treats with the occasional cake bites, caramel or taffy thrown in. You can order a one-time or monthly subscription of boxes with six 6- or 13-ounce candy cups.

Best snacks: Sour strawberry belts, chocolate toffee peanuts, and cookie dough bites.Buy Now

Snack Nation: Our Favorite Snack Box for the Office

Snack Nation is built around the idea that employees with access to snacks are happy employees, and I can’t say I disagree. Snack Nation probably doesn’t have the most interesting selection out of all the companies on our list but delivers those fan favorites. So if you’re a big boss person, small business owner or HR rep trying to make the most people happy with one single snack delivery, Snack Nation is a good bet. Oh, and they also deliver coffee and fresh fruit, which I guess is technically a snack too.

Best snacks: Hu chocolate bars, Country Archer jerky, and Naked Bear granola bites.Buy Now

Love with Food: Our Favorite Snack Box for Snacking and Helping at the Same Time

This snack box subscription not only delivers a trove of sweet and salty snacks every month but helps in the fight against hunger with every package it sends. For every box delivered, Love with Food donates a meal to a food bank. This snack box company also happens to be one of the best deals on the list, with boxes of seven or more snacks starting at just $8. You can also nab a one-time snack tasting box for as little as $15.

Best snacks: Boom Chicka Pop popcorn, turkey jerky, and sour gummy watermelon. Buy Now