You’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, and everything was going according to plan. But then it happened: the special-diet requests. Before you hit the panic button, take a look at these seven gluten-free Thanksgiving sides (including a few vegan options). Boom! Your worries—and flour—are history.

gluten free thanksgiving: Walnut and Kale Quinoa Stuffing

Just because you can’t have the classic bread-filled stuffing doesn’t mean you need to go without it completely. Stud this quinoa-based version with kale, walnuts, dried cranberries, and sage—it’ll taste so traditional, we bet you won’t have to make another for the gluten eaters.

gluten free thanksgiving: Ginger and Pumpkin Tart

Few Thanksgiving tables are complete without a pumpkin pie, but this might be even better: a gingery, nutty, maple-y pumpkin tart. As an added special-diet benefit, this bad boy is vegan too. Can you say worry-free potluck option?

gluten free thanksgiving: Sweet Corn Spoon Bread

Instead of making both a gluten-free and a regular cornbread this Turkey Day, ditch the crumbly loaf altogether for this ultra-creamy and satisfying corn spoon bread. A hybrid of warm casserole and quick bread, this will be the most popular dish on your table. Warning: You'll need to make two batches.

gluten free thanksgiving: Coconut Flour Pumpkin Bread

Be it served as part of the main meal, for dessert, or a post-Thanksgiving breakfast, pumpkin bread is bound to grace the holiday table. Avoid any entertaining-induced stress headaches by having a loaf or two of gluten-free pumpkin bread in the freezer and defrosting as needed.

gluten free thanksgiving: Pecan Pie Bars

Are you team pumpkin pie or pecan pie? If you answered the latter, these bars are for you. This gluten-free (and vegan) riff on pecan pie relies on maple syrup for that sticky-sweet texture any pecan pie fan knows well. Since they’re such small bars, it means we can eat five, right?

gluten free thanksgiving: Wild Mushroom Gravy

Just because you can’t use flour doesn’t mean you’re SOL when it comes to gravy. This crowd-pleasing gravy has a red wine and mushroom base for richness and a bit of tapioca flour makes it thick enough to coat all those mashed potatoes on your plate.

gluten free thanksgiving: Wild Rice Stuffing

We’ll say it: Stuffing might be the best part of the Thanksgiving plate. But for those who can’t have bread, there’s a new—some may say tastier—carb-filled side to load up on. Swap bread for nutty wild rice, and add sweet butternut squash and pears, plus pecans for texture.

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