We don’t always associate the holiday season with health. Historically, Santa hasn’t come flying down the chimney for a kale salad. And sure, potato latkes have a vegetable in their name, but that doesn’t necessarily make them good for you. But when it comes to stocking stuffers, you don’t have to default to candy canes and giant snowman-shaped Pez dispensers. In fact, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite gifts under $25 for those who value being healthy(ish) that we think are way more exciting (and thoughtful) than any holiday-themed candy.

1. Not Your Sugar Mama’s Chocolate

Thought being healthyish didn’t involve chocolate? Think again. Dairy-free, gluten-free, and made without refined sugar, Not Your Sugar Mama’s chocolate bars come in a variety of delicious flavors like coconut crunch, lavender sea salt, rose maca, and salted caramel.($18.99; amazon.com)

2. Avo-Cardio Stickers

We thought we were over avocado merch… until we saw these. These avo-cardio stickers are just too avocute not to stick in our stockings.($2.95; etsy.com)

3. Project Foodie App

Some healthyish eaters are great cooks, while others are better at talking about nutritious meals rather than actually making them. Project Foodie is an app designed for veteran chefs and novices alike… and good for a year’s worth of recipes, pro tips, and blow-by-blow cooking instructions.($25; itsprojectfoodie.com)

4. Skinny Dipped Almonds

Higher in fiber and lower in sugar than your average choc-o-’monds, these dark chocolate cocoa Skinny Dipped almonds are pretty healthy and ridiculously delicious. In fact, we suggest you buy a few; one bag might not last long enough to make it into a stocking!($4.49; thrivemarket.com)

5. Vegetable Hair Ties

These veggie hair ties are solid stocking stuffers for long-haired healthy eaters. (If you haven’t noticed, we’re very pro-produce-themed fashion!) Choose from a wide array of vegetables… and emotions… from crying onions to angry turnips.($2.70-4.85; zazzle.com)

6. Avocado Saver

Nothing makes our hearts sink more than waking up to an avocado gone bad. This storage container fits snugly around a leftover half (pit and all!) so you can keep that ‘cado covered up!($7.95; williams-sonoma.com)

7. Bees Knees Spicy Honey

Everything’s a little edgier in Brooklyn, including the honey. We put Bushwick Kitchen’s spicy honey on everything, from sandwiches to stir-fries.($14.99; etsy.com)

8. Sushi Socks Box

Because raw fish probably shouldn’t go into a stocking, this sock box is the next best thing for sushi lovers. Rolled up and packed with a side of fabric wasabi and ginger, this might just be the first time we’ve ever wanted to eat a sock.($9.90; etsy.com)

9. How to Eat a Lobster: And Other Edible Enigmas Explained

The rules of dining can get pretty messy. Luckily, everything you ever wanted to know about noshing protocol across the globe can be found in this book: from proper crawfish-eating etiquette to tough tongue burn recoveries.($10.15; amazon.com)

10. Skin Dirt Organic Face Masks

How often do you get to rub your favorite healthyish foods all over your face? If your answer isn’t “I’m doing that right now,” you obviously haven’t met Skin Dirt. Made with all-natural ingredients like turmeric and coconut milk, these face masks keep skin happy, healthy, and well-fed.($20; etsy.com)

11. Cold Brew Mint Coffee Soap

Java junkies who are slightly more cold brew than human will love this antioxidant-rich, coffee-infused soap. Made with freshly ground coffee, it’s the perfect way to wake up your whole body, even before your first cup of joe.($14; ettaandbillie.com)

12. Navitas Organics Matcha Powder

As much as we love our favorite green tea latte, it costs way too matcha to buy them all the time. That’s why we’re into Navitas Organics’ matcha powder. With one small scoop, you can craft homemade, cafe-quality matcha lattes from your kitchen.($21.78; amazon.com)

13. Green Juice Mini Baby Gummy Bears

Made from apple, lemon, ginger, and greens, a few of these gummy bears will give you the healthy kick you need to start your day. Plus, grabbing a handful of tiny green baby bears is a lot cuter than chugging that health shot of what appears to be pond water.($3.95; papersource.com)

14. Banana Umbrella

As they say, a banana a day keeps the rain away! (OK, maybe no one says that, but this sneaky umbrella disguised as a banana is a great gift for that one guy who’s eternally eating/preparing to eat a banana.) For a slightly-less-ripe option, order in lime green.($11.99; amazon.com)

15. Mother-in-Law’s DIY Kimchi Kit

Thanks to the fact that we’ve recently become #FermentationNation, kimchi, a flavorful staple of Korean cuisine, has found its way into the U.S. diet as a tasty source of probiotics (hey, happy gut bacteria!). This three-day DIY kit is a perfect stocking stuffer for healthy foodies interested in fermenting their own food.($19.99; worldmarket.com)