If the #adulting you is dying to upgrade from Aunt Sue’s hand-me-down pots and pans to chef-worthy cookware, we’ve got you covered. Made In, a new, crazy-affordable cookware line, makes it possible for anyone (single, married, recent grads, small-kitchen cooks who can’t fit/afford an entire All-Clad set, Tinder users trying to impress a second date, and people just looking for a kitchen upgrade) to own high-quality pots and pans without breaking the bank. Warby Parker did it for glasses, Casper did it for mattresses, and Made In is doing the same for the kitchen. And the entire line is now available for purchase here.

Why We Love It, From Personal Experience

Picture your kitchen loaded with premium stainless steel and nonstick frying pans, saucepans, sauté pans, and stock pots that cost less than $150 each—and that you’ll actually want to use. (Awesome, right?) After the team at Made In sent me a sample to test out in my own kitchen, my cooking game only got better. Here’s what I love about the line.

1. It’s light enough to lift with one hand.

I work out (with my dog mostly) and would like to think I’m strong enough to hold a pot, but sometimes even lifting a frying pan to evenly disperse the oil can cause some wrist strain. But Made In is light enough to easily flip a fried egg with one hand without giving my forearms unnecessary exercise.

2. There are burn-free handles, for us multitaskers.

Just because I’m a food editor doesn’t mean I’m flawless in the kitchen. I’m typically doing 100 things at once, so I burn myself often, and it’s mostly from touching hot handles without an oven mitt. The Made In handles are heat-resistant, so no matter how many things I’m doing (watching reruns of Modern Family while creating my dinner playlist on Spotify while making sure the garlic doesn’t burn), I can be confident I won’t end up injured as a result.

3. It’s made in America.

Made In has an exclusive partnership with a cookware manufacturer near Nashville, Tennessee, and all production materials are recycled. I mean, environmentally friendly cookware made in the capital of country music… does it get any better?

4. We repeat: It’s affordable.

We said affordable, but not cheap. There are plenty of brands out there cheaper than Made In, but so is their quality. By cutting out the middleman (that’d be retail stores), Made In is able to create a legit product at a lower price. Ranging from $69-$149, the pots and pans can be purchased individually or in sets. And to top it off…

5. Sets are customizable.

Obviously when you buy products in sets, they tend to be less expensive than individual items. But do you really need that massively large stock pot if you know you’ll never make enough soup for a small army? Probs not. Made In’s website makes it easy to customize the cookware options you need for your home through a “Build Your Kitchen” quiz feature (how cool is that?). Take the quiz here.

6. They’ll show you how to do it right.

Made In provides the cookware, but the company also want to help you learn how to use the products too. Follow their social channels or blog for cooking tips that help the modern cook (we’re pretty sure that means those of us who like to cook but don’t want to shed blood, sweat, and tears in the kitchen just to have a good meal). That’s why we love them: They’re real people behind really good products that are helping all of us make better food.

Pots and pans start at $59. Start upgrading your kitchen here.