You fell hard for the zoodle craze. Even your forearm was getting sore from all that spiralizing. But if you're anything like us and getting a little tired of the zucchini, it's time to change things up a bit. That's why we asked queen of spiralizing, Ali Maffucci of Inspiralized, to share her insider tips on what fruits and veggies to push through next. What are you making tonight?

1. Bell Peppers

Running bell peppers through the spiralizer will guarantee even strips that are ideal for folding up in fajitas and adding to frittatas or omelets. Not to mention spiralizing helps to simplify veggie prep when you need a crudite platter stat.

To spiralize: Remove the stem, then bang out the seeds. Place the widest part of the pepper (usually the top) on the handle and the narrow part on the blade, then crank it.

Recipe to make: Vegetarian Western Omelet With Spiralized Bell Peppers

2. Onions

We're not saying this prevents onion tears, but we love spiralizing the potent veg. It makes easy-to-slice thin strands that add just enough flavor to salads and sandwiches. You can also throw curled onions into a pan to caramelize or in the oven for a healthy baked version of onion rings... which you'd obviously add to the top of a burger.

To spiralize: Use a large onion, then chop off the ends and peel outer layer. Assemble onto spiralizer and start spinning.

Recipe to make: Maple Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Spiralized Onions

3. Broccoli Stems

Finally, an idea for the stems since the florets tend to get all the attention. Broccoli stem noodles (brostoodles?) are easily added to a roasting pan with the florets or as a noodle in tonight's dinner.

To spiralize: Slice off the head of the broccoli, leaving as little stem on the florets as possible. Don't chuck the florets. Broil them on high for 10 minutes, and you'll get crispy broccoli chips. Back to the stem... slice the bottom end off so that it's evenly flat. Spiralize and you'll see how closely they resemble the zoodle.

Recipe to make: Baked Lemon Salmon With Spiralized Broccoli and Dijon Sauce

4. Cantaloupe

Betcha never thought of this one. Think of the endless possibilities once you give this melon a curl: Toss it in salads, add to a prosciutto sandwich for that classic salty-sweet combo, and instead of spending forever cutting melons into cubes for a fruit salad, now you know you can just crank away.

To spiralize: Select a smaller melon that will fit onto your spiralizer. Peel it completely (Ali suggests slicing the skin off with a knife and then trimming it with a vegetable peeler), then slice the ends off to be flat, and get spiralizing.

Recipe to make: Mixed Greens, Quinoa, and Walnut Salad With Spiralized Cantaloupe

5. Apples

Whether you decide to cook your appoodles or keep them raw, Ali says these are perfect on top of pancakes, layered in a yogurt parfait, or used in desserts like apple tarts. Our favorite tip yet? Drizzle them with melted chocolate and freeze to make apple strings.

To spiralize: All you need to do is remove the stem and start twirling for long, fruity noodles.

Recipe to make: Scallop and Apple Noodle Spinach Salad With Spiced Walnuts

Ali currently resides in New Jersey. To learn more, check out her blog and follow her on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Her latest book, Inspiralize Everything, has even more creative healthy ideas.

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