There is no deviled egg we wouldn’t happily devour, but these spicy deviled eggs are especially delicious.

I hate to be one of those annoying mad literalists, but doesn’t it seem like the classic deviled egg—delicious and perfect though it may—is a bit lacking in the set-your-mouth-on-fire quality its name implies?

Of course, when the concept of “deviling” a dish with the addition of mustard and/or pepper was first introduced in an 18th century cookbook, life simply didn’t have that much variety in the way of spice. Thankfully that’s no longer the case, and as these recipes prove, there are myriad ways to make your deviled eggs taste a tad a more devilish. From hot sauce to spicy condiments and peppers, here are seven favorite recipes for deviled eggs that deliver the heat.

In today’s “further proof that Sriracha makes everything taste better” news, we present these fiery Asian-inspired deviled eggs. Here, the lip-tingling cult-favorite hot sauce stars in a filling mix spiked with mayo, spicy Dijon mustard, lime juice, and cilantro. Get our Sriracha Deviled Eggs recipe.

Sushi’s traditional partner, wasabi, adds its special brand of clear-your-sinuses punchy piquant to this deviled egg mix. Crispy seaweed strips add a welcome bite of texture and and the roe brings a pop of refreshing brine. Get our Wasabi Deviled Eggs recipe.

This Southwestern spin on the deviled egg relies on minced Hatch green chile to spice up the classic creamy egg yolk mixture. These make a good option for those just looking to dip their toes into the spicy waters as the pepper packs a milder heat and its flavor is balanced out by the addition of lime juice and aromatic cumin powder, plus salsa on top (which can be as spicy—or mild—as you like). Get our Green Chile Deviled Eggs recipe.

Popular pub snack meets retro finger food in this clever mash-up featuring a boldly spiced blend of fresh jalapeño, tangy Dijon mustard, and cayenne pepper. Good thing it’s garnished with crispy, fatty crumbled bacon to help quell the heat. Get the Jalapeño Popper Deviled Eggs recipe.

For the uninitiated, gochujang is the Korean fermented red chili paste responsible for adding a pop of sweet-spicy flavor to stews, soups, and traditional dishes like bibimbap and tteokbokki. But every once in a while, it’s nice to break with tradition, right? In this recipe, the intensely flavored condiment teams up with mustard, mayo, green olive brine, and chile powder for a wonderfully tasty heat-wielding take on deviled eggs. Get the Gochujang Deviled Eggs recipe. (And try Kimchi Deviled Eggs too for another delicious Korean twist!)

These poppable party apps channel the fiery, in-your-face flavors of Cajun cuisine thanks to the generous dose of spicy Cajun mustard, hot sauce, and paprika featured in the mix. Get the Spicy Cajun Deviled Eggs recipe.

“Buffalo” usually goes hand in hand (hoof in hand?) with blue cheese, but these spicy Buffalo-sauced deviled eggs bring in unexpected partners: Greek yogurt and goat cheese, to give them a little tang that’s completely craveable. (Also, crispy bacon garnish. Enough said.) We’re sure these would be great with blue cheese sprinkled on top too, though. Get the Buffalo Deviled Eggs with Bacon recipe.