“That sandwich was the only good thing going on in my life!” Friends fans will get the reference, but sometimes it’s just plain true for everyone. Pile all your favorite Thanksgiving leftovers between two thick slices of bread—with one gravy-soaked slice (a.k.a. the moist maker) in the very center. Our recipe is a good baseline, but try adding more from your Turkey Day table to make your sandwich special (Roasted Brussels sprouts! Green bean casserole! Mashed sweet potatoes!) This sandwich tastes exactly like the day after Thanksgiving, but we think it will brighten spirits any time of year.

Note: Don’t store this sandwich in your office fridge, unless accompanied by a very threatening note.

Ross Gellar’s Thanksgiving “Moist Maker” Sandwich

Recipe By: Rebecca Firkser
Makes: 1 giant sandwich
Ready in: 5 minutes

1/4 cup leftover gravy
3 slices thick brioche sandwich bread
1/2 tablespoon vegan mayonnaise (or regular)
1/2 tablespoon grainy mustard
3 slices green leaf lettuce
1/4 pound leftover roasted turkey, shredded or cut
2 tablespoons leftover cranberry sauce
1/4 cup leftover stuffing


1. Place a slice of bread on a large plate. Pour gravy over the bread and set aside to soak.

2. Place another slice of bread on a dinner plate and spread with mayonnaise.

3. Place 1 slice of lettuce over the bread, spread on cranberry sauce, and add half the turkey. Sprinkle half the stuffing over the turkey.

4. Place the gravy-soaked “moist maker” over the stuffing.

5. Layer another slice of lettuce, spread on remaining cranberry sauce, then add remaining stuffing and turkey.

6. Spread the last slice of bread with mustard and place on top.

7. Attach threatening note so no one eats your sandwich.