With good tidings for a sweet new year, we’re also hoping for a thick slice of challah topped with a glob of honey. Much as we love that pillow-y, braided bread, we’re also looking for the best possible mains and sides to cram on our plate the moment the sun sets. Take a tiny piece of Grandma’s kugel to be polite, and then go to town on these seven Rosh Hashanah-approved dishes.

1. Slow-Roasted Brisket

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We’ve piled brisket atop a hunk of challah: Please leave us alone for the rest of the night. Seriously, if there’s no slow-cooked, caramelized, uber-tender pulled meat on your Rosh Hashanah table, you may as well just make a PB&J. Roast the beef slowly for six hours and no less… we know it’s a long time, but just wait until you take a bite.

2. Bourbon Apple Cider

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Ring in the new year with no cocktail? Didn’t think so. Toast l’chaim with this seasonal apple cider and honey drink, complete with lots of bourbon. A warm mug of this plus a toasted slice of challah sounds like the only way to start (and finish) the evening.

3. Pomegranate Chicken

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Not in the mood to make a six-hour brisket? We get it. Try this sweet and sticky pomegranate chicken instead. Pomegranate juice, chili sauce, and rice wine vinegar may seem an unlikely combination, but you’ll change your tune once you have a wing in each hand. Who brought the napkins?

4. Ful Medames With Hummus

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A popular Middle Eastern dish, ful medames is a soupy dip of cooked fava beans with lemon and garlic. Hummus, an everyday spread in Israel, complements the warm beans without offering a completely different flavor (looking at you, roasted red pepper-topped hummus). Serve as an appetizer covered with chopped herbs and hard-boiled eggs, and large pieces of pita or challah, preferably warmed in the oven for dipping.

5. Whole-Wheat Challah

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Challah isn’t hard to make and doesn’t require much active prep time. It does, however, need hours at a time to rest and bake (didn’t you say you were going to fold your laundry tonight? Now is the time!). Sweeten the whole-wheat dough with just a bit of brown sugar, and we guarantee you’ll want to save half to make challah French toast in the morning.

6. Orange and Pomegranate Salad

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Looking for luck in the coming year? Munch on all the sweet pomegranate you can get your paws on, starting with this bright salad. Crunchy fennel draws some of the sweetness from the oranges, and peppery arugula matches the spicy-sweet honey vinaigrette bite for bite. Green salad who?

7. Honey-Apple Cake

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Apples and honey are a must-have combo at the Rosh Hashanah table (you want to have a sweet new year, don’t you?), and this cake is the best-tasting solution. Sweeten simply with—you guessed it—honey and paper-thin apple slices, and layer the tender oat and almond flour batter between the fruit. Cut a big slice while waving buh-bye to Aunt Marsha’s store-bought cake.