Everything bagels are so damn good, it’s tempting to reach for one every day. But even if you’re immune to the bloating and cramping that many get after eating dairy and gluten, a bagel a day can be a bit much. Well, what if we told you that you could take the best of the bagel world and add it to pretty much everything?

Yes, dreams do come true. And today they’re coming true in the form of everything bagel seasoning. The perfect combination of dried garlic and onion, sesame and poppy seeds, and sea salt is easy to make at home, and it’s so popular, it’s even being sold at places like Trader Joe’s (among other grocers). So cool your jets before running off to the local bagel shop. These nine recipes prove everything bagel spice doesn’t need a bagel to be epic.

1. Hummus and Tahini With Soft Boiled Egg and Everything Bagel Spice

While we applaud those who make both the homemade hummus and tahini in this recipe, you don’t have to be an overachiever to achieve deliciousness. Homemade is often better, but for mornings when you need to run out of the house (or you’re simply starving), store-bought will do. The nuttiness of the two Mediterranean dips makes the everything bagel spice shine, and the paprika gives it just the right amount of kick. Make sure not to overcook the egg, as the combination of the runny, smooth ingredients is where the real magic happens.

2. Everything Bagel Chicken Tenders

Chicken tenders will never be the same. This three-ingredient recipe is super simple and a great way to wow guests on game days—or any day really. For ultra-moist chicken, don’t skimp on the soaking (in buttermilk, no less) and, for the perfect crunch, be extra generous coating the tenders. These bites are so scrumptious, you don’t even need dip. (Though honey mustard is a great choice if you’re the saucy type.)

3. Grain-Free Everything Bagel Crackers

There’s a reason everything bagels are so irresistible: The combination of the soft, fluffy bread with the savory spice makes it literally a breakfast of champions. But bagels are quite dense and can feel like a brick sitting in your stomach. These grain-free, Paleo crackers are what we love about everything bagels sans food coma. Pair with goat cheese or a cashew herb cheese if you’re dairy-free. You can even make little cracker sandwiches for a bagel-inspired bite.

4. Everything Bagel Green Beans

Green beans aren’t known for being the snazziest side, but add a little spice and they transform from fine to divine. Cook in garlic -infused olive oil (or regular) if you’d prefer to skip the butter and toss fresh lemon zest over the cooked beans for a tart top-off. Ready in a flash and a great addition to a dinner party or plain ol’ meal at home, these beans are our new go-to. (Psst, the spice tastes great on other veg too, such as broccoli and snap peas.)

5. Everything Bagel Squash Egg in the Hole

Though the dish may be reminiscent of childhood, this recipe screams #adult. The egg is beautifully baked inside a slice of acorn squash and topped with breakfast sausage (we recommend chicken), herbs, and crumbled goat cheese. Serve on a bed of sautéed kale for some greens and skip the cheese to make it Paleo and Whole30 friendly.

6. Everything Bagel Goat Cheese

Want to learn a (cheesy) magic trick? Buy a log of goat cheese, fill a plate with either homemade or store-bought everything bagel spice, roll the log in it, and boom! Yep, we’re impressed too. Stick to regular goat cheese, as opposed to garlic or herb, because the spice gives the cheese plenty of flavor. Serve with any crackers you please or a toasted, thinly sliced baguette.

7. Everything Bagel Spice Whole Roasted Cauliflower

This roasted cauliflower is everything—and not just because it’s covered in everything bagel spice. Though roasting an entire cauliflower may seem simple, there’s an art to nailing a moist center. This recipe uses two secret weapons: 1) soaking the cauliflower head in salted warm water for 24 hours and 2) coating the cauliflower in seasoned Greek yogurt before roasting. Another pro tip: Spray the seasoning with cooking spray before popping in the oven so the spices don’t burn.

8. Everything Bagel Seasoned Kale Chips

Kale chips got a spicy makeover, and we’re into it. This simple recipe uses a genius technique to coat each kale chip with olive oil: Put the dried, torn kale pieces in a Ziploc bag; drizzle with oil; and shake, shake, shake. You won’t have to worry about the spices sticking to your hands or burnt chips due to missing a spot (hate that). For a little kick, add a tiny sprinkle of paprika or cumin to the everything bagel spice.

9. Everything Bagel Popcorn

Whole-grain, low-cal… what’s not to love about popcorn? While the classic movie snack can easily tread into indulgent territory with buckets of butter and salt, this recipe keeps things light by sticking to spice and a small amount of butter. The snack is equally good with a drizzle of truffle of garlic olive oil in place of the butter and an added sprinkle of nutritional yeast. Netflix and chill? We prefer Netflix and snack.