It’s been years since hoards of New Yorkers waited in epically long lines to taste the trendy croissant-donut hybrid called a Cronut, so we knew it was only a matter of time before foodies lost it over another dessert.This time it’s the raindrop cake, which is already wildly popular in Japan. Let’s first clarify that this is a far cry from any traditional cake you might be picturing right now. Imagine a Jell-O salad, make sure it’s flavorless (clear), and now you’ve got it. It’s dessert fanfare gone too far.

So why do these $8 cakes have so many people freaking out? For starters, they’re zero calories—then again, so is water. (The cake can be topped with black sugar syrup and soy flour, which aren’t calorie-free.) The real hype is it looks like an enormous raindrop (ah, so we’re eating with our eyes here) and has an unusual, mushy consistency. You know what also can be shaped like a raindrop and has a mushy consistency? Jell-O. Go to the store, buy yourself a packet, and save some serious time and money.