A balanced diet includes dessert. It just does. Otherwise what are we even doing here? But that doesn’t mean dessert has to be a nutritionless indulgence. We’ve teamed up with BUSH’S® Beans to prove you can satisfy your sweet tooth and eat well too.

These recipes all sneak in a protein-packed secret weapon: beans. It might sound weird, but beans actually work really well in desserts—and add a punch of protein and fiber. Choose your favorite from the lineup below, prep a batch on Sunday, and enjoy throughout the week. Cravings, meet your match.

1. Cake Batter Hummus

Whoever invented dessert hummus deserves a gold star. Garbanzo beans (a.k.a. chickpeas) are full of protein and other essential nutrients such as iron and magnesium. If you have a favorite flavor, odds are you can turn it into a sweet hummus—we’ve seen strawberry, cheesecake, red velvet, brownie, and pumpkin pie versions. Or try this cake batter option. Just remember to pace yourself because you might be tempted to eat a tub in one sitting.

2. BUSH’S® Brownie Truffle Bites

In our opinion, the best superfood desserts don’t taste healthy. That’s why we L-O-V-E these brownie truffles that deliver all the fudgy, chocolatey goodness a dessert should have while hiding a whole can of BUSH’S® Black Beans, which adds 21 grams of protein and 18 grams of fiber. Go ahead—treat yo’self.

3. Flourless Apple Cinnamon Chickpea Cookies

This is an in-office treat your coworkers won’t be mad you brought in. Made with fiber- and protein-packed chickpeas, these vegan, gluten-free cookies taste like fall minus the added sugar that usually comes with apple-cinnamon baked goods. PSL and knit scarf optional.

4. Black Bean Chocolate Orange Mousse

Whether you want your chocolate fix after dinner or after the gym, this rich mousse has you covered. Black beans, milk, and cacao nibs and powder up the protein level without taking away from the indulgence of a chocolatey dessert. Plus, a sprinkle of orange zest counts as a serving of fruit, right?

5. Grain-Free White Bean Coffee Cake

This tasty cake is hiding two full cups of white beans—that’s more than 30 grams of protein. But it’s the streusel topping (a crumbly combo of antioxidant-rich walnuts, coconut sugar, and cinnamon) that really takes this dessert to the next level.

6. Flourless Banana Blender Muffins

You could argue muffins are a breakfast food, but honestly, they’re more of a dessert (especially when they contain chocolate chips like these do). White beans, peanut butter, and quinoa flakes mean more protein for you in a cute, portable portion size.

7. Fudge Protein Pitaya Workout Cups

If you’re wondering what pitaya is, it’s a fancy word for dragonfruit. These frozen “fudge” bites are about as simple as it gets: Blend frozen dragonfruit, white beans, and maple syrup. Scoop into a cupcake tin over an almond-flour crust and freeze until you’re ready to eat.

8. Black Velvet Cookie Dough

Cookie dough goes dark in this vegan, sugar-free version. You get all the texture, chocolate, and buttery-sweet flavor that makes cookie dough so addictive, with a protein upgrade from black beans and almond butter. Half a cup of this dough delivers 23 grams of protein. A hit of activated charcoal powder also makes it super ‘grammable, but feel free to leave out if you can’t find it.

9. Healthy Chickpea Blondies

You know what makes these blondies really amazing (besides the full can of chickpeas)? Chocolate. chunks. Sure, there are other great things about this recipe, like the fact that you can make it in just 30 minutes, but let’s not kid ourselves. If blondies don’t have chocolate chunks, are they even dessert?

10. Refined Sugar-Free Turtle Brownies

You’ve heard of caramel before, but how about date caramel? In addition to a can of black beans, this brownie recipe contains a gooey filling with no refined sugar but plenty of craving-satisfying sweetness.