If buying a pressure cooker isn’t on your “things to try in 2018” list, it definitely will be after reading these recipes. What could be better than simplifying your soup-, chili-, and stew-making process with a machine that does all the work for you in a fraction of the time as a slow cooker?

Chef and best-selling author Meredith Laurence, a.k.a. the Blue Jean Chef, is this week’s featured foodie, and she knows a thing or two about making the most of pressure cooker recipes. Her recipes help you get a delicious meal on the table ASAP and provide some warmth while you’re slurping (v. important right now). Once you get the hang of the pressure cooker, you’ll want to check out her new book, Air Fry Genius, which offers more quick cooking tips and tricks, plus fast and easy recipes (just like the ones below).

1. Tuscan Bean Soup

Meat eaters, you’re going to like what this has to offer. While it does have all the veggies so you can feel good about eating it, it’s also bursting with bacon bits for a smoky bite that pretty much no one can say no to. With the power of the pressure cooker, this recipe is ready in fewer than 20 minutes.

2. Yellow Split Pea Soup

With carrots, onions, and yellow peas making up the bulk of this creamy soup, you may think it’s a snoozer, but you’ve got it all wrong. Simple ingredients are the secret to making this meal so easy to get on the table without sweating over the stove. And remember, you can always use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream if the richer cream isn’t in your fridge in the new year.

3. Three-Bean Vegetarian Chili

You haven’t had vegetarian chili until you’ve tried this recipe that gives you more veggies and beans than you’ll know what to do with (oh wait, we know… save them for leftovers!). Just throw the ingredients in your pressure cooker and get those veggies roasting while you catch up on the latest episode of This Is Us.

4. Quinoa Chili With Kidney Beans

If you’re looking to bump up your protein and fiber, the answer is always quinoa. At least in our opinion. Then once you pair it with multicolored peppers, warm tomatoes, and kidney beans, the combo makes the perfect recipe to warm you up even on the coldest winter day (although, it better not get any colder).

5. Black Bean and Mushroom Chili

Mushrooms have a knack for finding their way into every vegetarian dish, which can be both a blessing and a curse. With this recipe, the earthy combination of mushrooms, onions, and celery makes this flavor combination a win for everyone on team mushroom… or not.