Disclaimer: This article is about cooking with cannabis, which may or may not be legal in your area. Neither Greatist nor its parent company encourage or endorse any irresponsible behavior or illegal activity. If you choose to use cannabis, please do so responsibly and only where permitted by law.

If you’ve ever wanted to cook with marijuana, there’s probably no more festive time to get in the green of things than on April 20th, the unofficial cannabis holiday of the year.

For novice chefs, cooking with weed might seem intimidating. But trust us when we say the basics are fairly simple. Know that most recipes call for cannabutter or cannabis-based oil. The amount of weed required to make one of these ingredients depends on the desired potency (more weed = more high). The Cannabist recommends using four sticks of butter for every ounce of marijuana. If you’re struggling to figure out how much pot to use in your recipe, this online calculator may help too. There are several methods for making the fat: You might use your slow cooker, a Dutch oven, or even the stovetop.

Once you make the pot-infused fat, you can pretty much turn anything into an edible. You’ll likely have leftover oil or butter, which you can freeze and save for another, um, adventurous day. When you have cannabutter or cannabis-infused oil on hand, the hardest part of cooking may be deciding what to make. The possibilities are truly endless, and you don’t have to go with a tried and true brownie option (although, let’s face it, those are delicious). Consider your favorite dish that relies on fat (butter or oil) to cook. Now imagine it with weed.

If you need a little 4/20 inspo, check out the pot-infused recipes below. You might consider making two separate batches of the recipes: one with weed, one without. This way you can enjoy the fruits of your labor without getting too high!

Weed brownies are almost cliche at this point, but that doesn’t mean they’re not delicious. This version gets elevated with a kick of spice (thank you chipotle powder!) and salt. The recipe requires you to make the canna-oil separately, which means you’ll be able to control the potency—a good thing. Get the Chipotle and Sea Salt Special Brownies recipe.

For something a bit more savory, consider whipping up this easy, cheesy recipe. The recipe is a pretty standard mac and cheese, with four tablespoons of cannabutter, so you could technically use it as a guideline and defer to your favorite mac if you prefer. (Though this one looks pretty tasty, breadcrumbs and all.) Get the Medicated Mac and Cheese recipe.

Just because it gets you high doesn’t mean an edible recipe is required to be greasy or, well, a brownie. Dressing a salad with a canna-oil-based vinaigrette is a simple way to get stoned without the tummyache that often comes with overeating when you’re high. You could bottle this recipe and save for special occasions beyond 4/20 (just make sure to label it and keep it out of the way of salad-loving kids if they do indeed exist).

Make your whole meal extra special by cooking with cannabis-infused olive oil. This recipe will have you acting out the Italian chef kiss all over your kitchen, and chances are you’ll find it very, very funny. Get the Infused Chicken Parmesan and Pasta recipe.

As far as ice cream goes, this recipe is pretty healthy: It’s made with protein powder, cannabis-infused honey, and no refined sugar. Plus, you don’t need an ice cream maker to bring this delight together. With or without the weed, this is a recipe worth saving. Get the No-Churn Medicated Olive Oil Chocolate Ice Cream recipe.

Yes, pot pickles. Why the heck not? These puppies are perfect for a very adult bloody Mary or a sick club sandwich. These take at least 24 hours to make, so plan ahead if you want them ready for a special day. Get the Pot Pickles recipe.

If you needed proof that cannabis is a versatile cooking ingredient, this omelette is it. Consider this a healthy-ish dish for a wake and bake session (which will give you the entire day to chill out, if you’re newish to consuming edibles) or use it for a protein-packed dinner. The recipe calls for three teaspoons of cannabis butter and an entire pack of bacon, but the fillings are really up to you. Get the Marijuana Omelette recipe.

Perhaps you want to wash it all down with some weed wine?