If you went through an obsession with those cups of pomegranate arils sold at grocery stores, you’re not alone. They’re delicious, and for some reason, make us feel fancier than when we’re snacking on, say, apple slices. Now that pomegranates are in season, though, it’s prime time to start cooking with them. The sweet and tart seeds make a great addition to breakfast parfaits, rice dishes, salads, and desserts. If you’re trying to eat seasonally, add these guys to your grocery list. Bonus—the antioxidants in ’em are good for your heart. And don’t worry about figuring out how to cut into them… we’ve got you covered.

1. Pomegranate Breakfast Parfaits

Swap out your berries or ‘nanners with pomegranate seeds this winter. The bright red seeds look so festive layered with Greek yogurt, granola, and pumpkin seeds, and if you peel the poms the night before, whipping up breakfast will take just a few minutes.

2. Turmeric Quinoa With Pomegranates

Golden turmeric and deep red poms make this side dish look gorgeous. It’s perfect for a weeknight dinner or a holiday meal, especially since it’s super fast to make. Just add olive oil, onion, and garlic to quinoa, then stir in veggie broth and turmeric and let absorb on the stove or in a rice cooker. Top with walnuts and green onions and serve.

3. Roasted Pomegranate Glazed Salmon

This is salmon and veggies like you’ve never seen ’em before. Pomegranate juice and sweet chili sauce give the fish and Brussels a deliciously sweet-and-spicy taste, and kitchen staples like garlic, ginger, and red pepper flakes bring out even more flavor. This glazed salmon could be a fun alternative to traditional turkey or ham this holiday season.

4. Pomegranate, Kale, and Wild Rice Salad

Let’s be real: Winter salads are so much better when they have some warm grains (or lentils) on top. Creamy feta, crunchy walnuts, baby kale, and juicy pom seeds make this the easiest meal-prep lunch ever. Make a batch of dressing to serve on the side—this one has a tasty ACV and olive oil base.

5. Sparkling Pomegranate Mimosas

Between the bright red pomegranates and green rosemary sprigs, these mimosas are festive AF. Make them for holiday dinners, NYE, heck, even Christmas morning could be spruced up with some bubbly. Grab some champs, pom juice, seeds, and rosemary, plus your favorite flutes, and show mom and dad how you’ve made it in the #adult world.

6. Pomegranate Vinaigrette Dressing

Pretty pink dressing gives boring salads the pep we need this season. Make a jar of this baby and add it to your salad, or drizzle it over grilled chicken or a turkey burger. You’ll want to use a high-speed blender or food processor to make sure the seeds are fully blended.

7. Pomegranate Dark Chocolate Bites

Three ingredients and 10 minutes of prep give you a party snack, festive holiday gift, or healthyish dessert to stash in your purse. What a steal. These delicious little bites are made in muffin tins with melted dark chocolate, pomegranate seeds, and a dash of sea salt. They need about an hour in the fridge to set, FYI.