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Everybody knows that ice cream is the best summer treat. It’s cold, refreshing, and… melts super fast? Here’s the thing: If you eat ice cream in the winter, it lasts way longer. The problem is ice cream doesn’t feel like a winter dessert, ya know?

These peppermint waffle ice cream sandwiches convinced us we were wrong. Sandwiched between two toasted waffles dipped in melted chocolate, the peppermint frozen yogurt (you can use peppermint ice cream, though) tastes incredible.

Don’t trust us? Whip up a few and see for yourself. Something about that chocolate and peppermint combo, we swear.

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Peppermint Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches

Recipe adapted from: The Sweet Escape
Makes: 4 servings
Ready in: 40 minutes


4 toaster waffles
1 pint peppermint frozen yogurt or ice cream
Peppermint sticks
1/2 package chocolate chips


1. Toast waffles, then let cool (so they don’t melt the ice cream!).

2. Pack a few spoonfuls of frozen yogurt onto one waffle. There should be enough to cover most of the surface.

3. Put another waffle on top of the yogurt or ice cream. Press down firmly so the sandwich stays together, but be careful that the waffle doesn’t break.

4. Freeze sandwiches at least 10 minutes.

5. Meanwhile, melt the chocolate chips in the microwave and crush the peppermint sticks in a plastic bag using a rolling pin or your hand. They should be small chunks, not dusty crumbs. Transfer to a bowl or plate.

6. Take sandwiches out of the freezer and slice into quarters. Dip each quarter in the melted chocolate and roll in the peppermint topping. Freeze until ready to serve.