When you're following a particular diet, it's easy to feel limited in terms of meal options. But we're big believers that healthy eating doesn't have to be boring. That's where Pinterest can help. We went on the hunt for a few boards packed with mouth-watering Paleo recipes.

Some of the following pinners have just one standout board, while others post delicious recipes across a few. Ingredients stick to whole foods, such as meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables (with plenty of healthy fats to boot). Reference these any time you're in a bind for a Paleo dinner party menu or if you simply want some new staples.

Paleo Recipes: Blueberry Jalapeño Margarita by PaleOMG
Photo: PaleOMG

Did someone say blueberry jalapeño margarita? Follow Juli Bauer's recipe board for the latest from her blog, PaleOMG. You'll find everything from vanilla bean lemon curd waffles to pulled pork deviled eggs. And let's not forget about those cocktails.

Paleo Recipes: Chicken Salad With Crisp Green Apple by Stupid Easy Paleo
Photo: Stupid Easy Paleo

We're big fans of anything that's stupid easy, especially when it comes to cooking. Steph Gaudreau's blog had already caught our eye, but now so has her Pinterest board. Find recipes like this chicken salad with green apple, as well as other kinds of content, including interviews and helpful guides.

Paleo Recipes: Paleo Superfood Energy Bars by Cavegirl Cuisine
Photo: Cavegirl Cuisine

Michelle Fagone, the Kentucky-based blogger behind Cavegirl Cuisine, turns comfort foods into Paleo-friendly dishes. From cookie recipes to egg-free breakfast and one-pot recipes, you'll find a wide array of meals. Don't be afraid to follow all of her recipe boards—she posts sporadically enough on each that your feed won't feel bombarded.

Paleo Recipes: Bento Box Lunch by Nom Nom Paleo
Photo: Nom Nom Paleo

Super-popular Nom Nom Paleo blogger Michelle Tam posts recipes like this awesome lunch box series on her board, My Recipes. She also pins other content from her blog, such as the Thanksgiving Survival Guide and an inspiring Whole30 kickoff.

George Bryant is the creator of the blog Civilized Caveman, where he posts thousands of delicious Paleo recipes. You'll find everything from German apple pancakes and pizza Margherita to almond zucchini sauté.

Paleo Recipes: Paleo Honey Sesame Chicken
Photo: Ancestral Nutrition

D.C.-based blogger Dani Andrews posts "no-bullsh*t" (her words) nutrition advice and recipes on her blog, Ancestral Nutrition. Feel free to follow more than just one of her Pinterest boards, as she spreads her recipes, like this Paleo honey sesame chicken, across a few, including dinners, desserts, breakfasts, and snacks.

Paleo Recipes: Perfect Paleo Pancakes
Photo: The Paleo Mom

Get regular updates on Mom's Recipe of the Day board, where you'll find recipes ranging from these "perfect" Paleo pancakes to mashed cauliflower.

Paleo Recipes: Dairy-Free Carrot Cake Pudding by Against All Grain
Photo: Against All Grain

She had us at dairy-free carrot cake pudding. Discover everything from pressure cooker chicken enchilada soup to spiralized zucchini pesto pasta with peas and pancetta on Danielle Walker's Recipe of the Day board—not to mention desserts like dark chocolate fudge pops and double-chocolate cookies. Peruse her other boards for more great ideas.

Paleo Recipes: Maple Cashew Coconut Fudge by Gourmande in the Kitchen
Photo: Gourmande in the Kitchen

If you're following a Paleo diet but have a hankering for all things sweet, you've come to the right place. The Wellness Mama pins recipes from her own blog, as well as from around the web. Find delicious bites, such as these maple cashew coconut squares and death by chocolate Paleo blender brownies.

41 Paleo Breakfasts That Aren't Eggs

Not to brag, but we think our Paleo Diet board is definitely worth following—if you're not already! We share the board with PaleoHacks, an online Paleo community, so you can count on frequent updates. Check out everything from desserts to grain-free breakfast ideas to Crock-Pot recipes.

Paleo Recipes: Buffalo Bacon Deviled Eggs by PaleoHacks
Photo: PaleoHacks

Speaking of PaleoHacks, they have a number of amazing boards themselves! Head over to their account to discover ones dedicated to breakfast pastries, bowls and drinks, snacks, and appetizers. There are so many fantastic ones, we couldn't choose just one.

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