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A Beginner's Guide to Paleo for Anyone Curious About Going Caveman

Whether you're an avid CrossFitter, an occasional gym-goer, or someone just trying to reduce their pizza intake, you've likely heard of the Paleo diet. And for good reason. The Paleo plan is designed to help you clean up your diet by eliminating processed foods and putting the focus back on real, whole foods. We're talking about the kind of grub our early ancestors ate when hunting and gathering was their only option: meats and vegetables plus some fruits. If you're ready to give yourself a break from refined sugar and carbs, legumes, and dairy this January, the Paleo diet is for you. Intrigued? We're sharing tips to get you started, items to stock in your pantry, and the best Paleo recipes. GET STARTED
Paleo Recipes

11 Paleo Recipes That Make Breakfast-for-Dinner a Regular Thing

It's as if you're turning your kitchen into a late-night Paleo diner.
The Caveman Life
Still Hungry?
Meet the Paleo Pro

Lexi's Clean Kitchen

Alexis Davidson is the voice behind Lexi’s Clean Kitchen—the go-to food blog for clean and delicious recipes that shows readers living a healthy lifestyle can be simple, fun, and, above all, satisfying. After discovering firsthand the healing power of food, Lexi was inspired to create recipes that omit negative health instigators like gluten, grains, dairy, and refined sugars while still delivering the taste and gratification people expect. She inspires readers to get creative, whether they are gluten-free, eat Paleo, or just love delicious food. Use her tips and recipes to make your Paleo diet even more doable.