Whether you’re full-fledged Paleo or just starting to eat eggs and avocado without the toast, you know that your kitchen needs to be stocked with Paleo-approved staples. Packing your pantry with the right foods will prove that giving up grains, dairy, heavily processed foods, and tons of sugar isn’t *so* hard after all.From clarified butter to sugar-free hot sauces to natural almond butters, these Paleo products will replace the junk in your pantry for good (or at least for right now while you’re on this Paleo kick). If only the cavemen could see you now… they’d be so jealous.


If you’re not familiar with this melt-in-your mouth butter substitute, it’s time you got acquainted. Ghee is clarified butter. Translation: The milk solids are filtered out from regular butter so all that’s left is pure butter fat… making it Paleo approved. Use it to saute your chicken sausage, top a baked sweet potato, or smear all over a grass-fed steak.

($18.95; amazon.com)

Coconut Oil

We’re not saying you have to put away the olive oil for good, but if you’re not cooking with coconut oil, are you really even Paleo? This kitchen all-star withstands some seriously high heat, making it a better go-to for frying than olive oil.

($10.99, amazon.com)

Soy is on the no-list, but that doesn’t mean you’re left with nothing to flavor your sashimi. Coconut aminos is completely soy free but its main ingredient, aging coconut sap, has a similar flavor to soy sauce. Use it in stir-fries, salad dressings, marinades, and fish-based dishes.

($5.65; thrivemarket.com)

If hot sauce is your BFF, you’ll be thrilled to know this kitchen necessity is Paleo approved. In our opinion, hot sauce is the answer when any meal needs an upgrade. Try to avoid hot sauces with added sugars, because they can sneak in there when you least expect it.

($6.89; amazon.com)

What’s life without mayonnaise? Sad. Paleo peeps don’t need to suffer thanks to avocado-based mayos. Boil a chicken breast (or drain a can of tuna), shred it, and mix it with diced-up apples, celery, and avocado mayonnaise. Then all is right in the Paleo world.

($9.38; amazon.com)

This is us praising Paleo for allowing us to eat healthier desserts (giving up sweets was the hardest part of Whole30!). While strict Paleo-ers might turn their noses up at this, those of us who take a more lax approach are definitely eating Paleo pancakes, scones, and dessert balls. And you can’t enjoy them without a touch of maple syrup or honey.

($16.95; amazon.com)

Speaking of desserts, almond flour (or almond meal) is one of the best flours to use instead of all-purpose when you’re making a Paleo-approved treat. We can’t forget what it can do for savory foods either. Anyone up for some almond-crusted chicken tenders?

($17.47; amazon.com)

Whether you’re adding a splash to your coffee, whipping up a smoothie, or craving a cold glass to go with your (Paleo) cookies, unsweetened almond milk is a Paleo dream. Pro tip: Buy a few gallons at once because you’ll be shocked at how quickly you chug.

($5.29; amazon.com)

9. Nut Butter: Justin’s Almond Butter

Peanut butter is out; almond butter is in. Peanuts are legumes, which are off-limits in cavemen diets, but thank the sweet nut heavens we can still have almond butter. Ideal for spooning into your mouth, smothering on top of a banana, or mixing into your breakfast smoothie, almond butter is the reason Paleo is doable. Avoid the brands with added sugars and oils. They’re not only completely unnecessary but a no for Paleo.

($17.01; amazon.com)

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