Having a foodie in your life is a beautiful thing. It means getting a constant stream of great (though usually unsolicited) restaurant recommendations, long-winded explanations of the evolution of the cronut, and of course, countless delicious meals.

Even though they talk about food way more than they actually eat it, we love them for it. So what better way to show it than giving them yet more food to talk/blog/insta about, right?

Wrong! Contrary to popular belief, foodies can find happiness in things that don’t go directly into their mouths. In fact, giving them a thoughtful, non-food gift that still speaks to their passion will probably be a really pleasant surprise. So turn back from that cheese cave! Put a hold on that charcuterie board! These non-food gifts will make even the most refined foodies salivate… or at least smile.

“Will Run for Tacos” Tee

Running isn’t for everyone, but maybe it would be if there were more tacos involved. Super soft and made with stay-cool wicking technology, this tee is great for working out, hanging out, and running (toward the taco truck).($27; bartaco.com)

Apricot Sugar Cubes

It turns out sugar cubes aren’t just for coffee and horses. This apricot exfoliating shower scrub is a perfect gift for foodies, or really anyone who’s down to smell like a dream. Cleanse with one exfoliating cube until it disappears, and you’ll emerge feeling as soft as an apricot.($22; harperari.com)

Camping Coffee Set

For those who love to get away but can’t be apart from craft coffee for more than 12 hours, this kit is essential for a weekend in the woods. Complete with artisan coffee, mugs, a pour-over block, and a fuzzy fleece blanket, this coffee set is the cutest thing the wilderness has seen since Bambi.($39.99; thoughtfully.com)

Peanut Butter Plow Spoon

The late-night PB jar-to-mouth experience is primal, euphoric, and often highly emotional, so it’s important to equip yourself with the best tool for the journey. This spoon is perfect for indulging peanut butter lovers, or for anyone who’s ready to plunge into 2018, spoon-first.($23; etsy.com)

Happy Bread Plate

We’re not sure if we’d prefer to give this plate as a gift or if we’d rather just adopt it as a pet. Perfectly sized and appropriately cheery for your early morning eggs-in-a-basket or your late-night nutella toast, this little guy will bring a little extra warmth to your bread.($11; tictail.com)

Milk Bottle Measuring Cups

Looking for a gift that’s as pretty as it is practical? Look no further. The elegance of Anthropologie’s milk bottle measuring cups (literally) stacks up to their functionality. A vintage decorative piece when stacked, these colorful cups are perfect for adding a little-unexpected charm to any kitchen counter.($24; anthropologie.com)

Whisk Necklace

Flatter your baking buds by giving them something a little more sleek than a spatula this year. Silver, subtle, and elegant enough to wear anywhere, this necklace is a great way to show your appreciation for the baked goods they’ve whipped up for you. Plus, getting on a baker’s good side can be pretty rewarding.($72; food52.com)

Personalized Rolling Pin

A rolling pin that’s not last night’s empty wine bottle? We’re impressed. Even more impressive: a customized engraved rolling pin that allows you to personalize your baked goods. Add initials, a logo, or a meaningful design, and give this wooden pin to the bakers in your life obsessed with adding their personal touch to just about everything.($26.90; etsy.com)

Ceramic Cactus Tumblers

Cacti aren’t usually our go-to hydration inspo, but with these guys in your kitchen, you’ll want to be drinking all day long! These adorable tumblers are perfect to pull out for festive occasions or for everyday use. Fill them with soup, coffee, water… I mean, it almost doesn’t matter what you’re drinking when you’re drinking it out of a cactus.($24.84; amazon.com)

Citrus Fruit Leggings

Grapefruits have tons of benefits. Namely, they’re a great source of vitamin C, have lots of dietary fiber, and look great on pants. These citrus-themed leggings are a perfect fit for anyone looking to add a little zest to their wardrobe. Made with a breathable microfiber yarn, they’re stretchy, comfortable, and durable, so you won’t have to worry about wearing them every day.($35; etsy.com)

Watermelon Tent

For foodies who love to camp, this portable watermelon tent is the perfect home-away-from-home. Unlike actual watermelons, it’s wind-resistant, waterproof, and great to pitch while camping, climbing, or doing any kind of outdoor vacationing.($53; tvc-mall.com)

Table in a Bag

For al fresco food lovers, nothing is more perfect than a picnic. But who invited the bugs? And how did someone spill an entire bottle of Sriracha on the blanket? OK, so picnicking is *almost* perfect. This pine table in a bag can help you step up your picnic game. It’s lightweight, easy to assemble (just screw on the legs), and classy AF.($49; food52.com)