Raise your hand if mulled wine falls into the category of “things I bookmark every time it gets chilly, and then promptly forget about until April,” along with roasted pumpkin seeds and homemade apple butter. We’ve all been there. But then we actually made mulled wine and realized it’s stupid-easy. You’ve got to try it. Whether you’re a fan of white or red, or are looking for something a little stronger than just warm vino, we’ll show you how it’s done.

Method 1: Stovetop

Stovetop mulled wine is way too simple. Just dump a bottle into a stockpot, add apple cider and a few spices, then crank that heat. You’re 15 minutes away from a steaming drink, and your kitchen will smell great.

mulled wine: stovetop
Photo: How Sweet Eats

Method 2: Slow Cooker

No stove? Plug in that slow-cooker! This low-and-slow drink may cook for a few hours, but that only allows the spices to steep longer. Pour a glass, and you won’t taste wine, but something way more cozy. Use caution: This version is extremely addictive.

mulled wine: Slow-Cooker
Photo: Kitchen Treaty

Try It With White Wine

Classic mulled wine is typically red, but there’s no rule that says you can’t use white. A dry blend complements the sweet and spicy additions to the mulling pot.

mulled wine: White Wine
Photo: Gimme Some Oven

Try It Spiked

A few glugs of brandy is typical in mulled wine, but why not get creative? White rum, vodka, and cognac make your wine even more grown-up, without overpowering the spice blend.

mulled wine: Rum-Spiked
Photo: Well Plated

Try Messing With the Classic

Those who like to go above and beyond should get more inventive with their warm wine. Add fresh fruit juices to the pot (orange, pear, or pomegranate) for a tart zip, or go completely off the wall and try mulled wine hot cocoa. For those who don’t want to drink, or are serving drinks to kids, try mulled juice… it’s way better than you’d think.

mulled wine: Red Wine Hot Chocolate
Photo: Imma Eat That

mulled wine: Pomegranate Mulled Wine
Photo: The Jewels of NY

mulled wine: Mulled Juice
Photo: Wallflower Kitchen

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