It’s that time again! Mother’s Day is on the horizon. But while April’s unrelenting showers have finally begun to bring May flowers, that’s no excuse to cheap out and give the woman who gave you (or your kids, or your partner, or your ex-boyfriend whose mom still loves you more than him) life yet another skimpy corner store bouquet. If your queen-for-a-day enjoys the finer things in life (i.e., food and drink), do yourself a favor and grab her one of these 11 mom-approved Mother’s Day gifts for less than 50 big ones. She deserves it.

1. The Neighborgoods Dish Towels and Onesies

Brighten up any Mom’s kitchen with a couple of these ridiculously charming dish towels displaying whimsical illustrated recipes or fruit- and veggie-related puns. And if the mom in your life is still in baby food and bottle mode, these produce-inspired onesies will definitely make her day. “I’m kind of a big dill”? Get outta here with that cuteness. ($18 – $26;

2. Kate Spade Diner Stripe Apron

No matter how many times your mom told you she wasn’t a short-order cook growing up, there’s no way she can resist this adorable retro apron. It’s 100-percent cotton with front slide pockets and eye-catching magenta stripes and, get this, there’s even a measuring guide printed conveniently on the underside. And as an added bonus, it also encourages eating cake for breakfast. That’s a win-win.($30;

3. SANS Original Smoothie Bottle

Health-conscious moms know the struggle of keeping their breakfast smoothie or cold-pressed juice fresh and tasty while dealing with all the inevitable meltdowns, frustrations, and interruptions that make up a typical morning. Thankfully, these vacuum-sealed bottles will do the job for them, preserving all that good vitamin-rich flavor by preventing oxidation. Made with nontoxic, BPA-free materials, they’re also equipped with a leak-proof lid to keep spills at bay. ($30;

4. Williams Sonoma Marble & Copper Monogram Cutting Board

This sturdy handmade board combines smooth, shiny ash gray marble with a slick customized copper inlay for the ultimate home entertaining power move. Because doesn’t a good Stilton taste that much better when it’s served with a little swagger? ($31.96;

5. MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker

Ideal for the busy mom (a.k.a. all moms), this genius, surprisingly lightweight contraption will take you from bean to brew quickly, efficiently, and deliciously. All she needs is grounds and hot water and Mom’s next cup of piping hot espresso, topped with luscious crema, of course, is well within reach. ($49.50;

6. GOVERRE Portable Wine Glass

Show your favorite mama that sippy cups aren’t just for toddlers with one of these shatter-resistant wine glasses. The sleek, white 17-ounce vessel is dishwasher safe; capped with a secure, removable lid; and comes swaddled in a colorful silicone sleeve for maximum grippability (especially when you’re juggling keys, your purse, a screaming infant, a bowl of cheerios, and a loaded diaper bag). ($24;

7. Chandon 2018 Blanc de Noirs 45th Anniversary Edition

Cool as it is, that new GOVERRE glass is meaningless without something delicious to fill it up. This limited-edition bottle from Napa Valley sparkling wine pros Chandon is sure to do the trick. Produced entirely from red grapes, the Pinot Noir-heavy vintage is round, bright, and fruit-forward with just a hint of spice, making it an excellent pick for whatever carnivorous delight mom has in the oven or on the grill. And the fact that it’s crafted by a female winemaker adds a touch more Mother’s Day flair. ($24;

8. Creative Co-Op Honey Pot With Wood Dipper and Manuka Honey

A honey packed with as many awesome health properties as New Zealand’s beloved Manuka deserves a honeypot as pretty as this classic hobnob-style number. Put together this DIY care kit, and that lucky mom in your life will soon be enjoying all those skin-softening, virus-killing, hangover-battling benefits in sweet, sweet style.($16.50;$26.59;

9. Crate and Barrel Garden Jar Herb Kit

Indoor plants are the gift that keeps on giving, and that goes double when you’re talking plants you can eat. This nifty three-jar set comes with everything Nonna needs to perfect her Sunday gravy, including organic basil, organic parsley, and non-GMO mint seeds; a stainless steel net pot that fits snugly into the top of the jar; and a simple hydroponic system that keeps the little guys fed, watered, and happy 24 hours a day. ($49.95;

10. Rifle Paper Co. Recipe Box

Husband-and-wife-owned Rifle Paper Co. is known for the gorgeous prints adorning the majority of its inventory, from aprons and sneakers to these handy recipe boxes. The team put their stationery background to work here, filling each of the four timeless, gold-labeled tins with 12 letterpress dividers and 24 vintage-style recipe cards to hold all of the family’s culinary secrets that will inspire mom when she cooks.($34;

11. Riedel Optical O, Louis, Spey & Fire Tumblers

If yours is the kind of mother that prefers whiskey to wine and prides herself on her antique decanter collection, this brand new barware set from the legendary Riedel is all for you. These four Art Nouveau-inspired cocktail glasses are solidly built and sport unique designs that’ll add a classic edge to whatever spirited concoction Mom’s gotten into.($29.50 for set of 2;