A traditional Cuban drink, a classic mojito is white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water, and mint leaves. But why stick to tradition when there are so many summer renditions of a mojito that will impress your guests and keep them coming back to the bar? Rum is an easy spirit to pair with any kind of fruit—and a few other unexpected partners. Check out these 9 all-star mojito recipes you can muddle at home in no time and sip all summer.

Fresh blueberries, mint simple syrup, white rum, and sparkling club soda to top it all off make for a perfectly refreshing summer drink that is ideal for your next get-together. Get the Blueberry Mojito recipe.

Fresh raspberries lend striking color and another layer of sweet-tart, fruity flavor to the drink. (For another ruby-hued take, try replacing the simple syrup in a standard mojito with our Rhubarb Syrup recipe.) Get the Raspberry Mojito recipe.

Ginger-mint simple syrup forms the basis of this spicy take on a mojito. Fresh lime juice, white rum, club soda, and a sprig of fresh mint for garnish are all you need for a kicky summer cocktail. Get our Ginger Mojito recipe.

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Muddled strawberries are what make this mojito such a refreshing and fruity drink perfect for your next barbecue. Try substituting raspberries if you can’t find any in-season strawberries and add extra sugar if you need it. Get the Strawberry Mojito recipe.

For a less-sweet (and allegedly healthier) take on a mojito, switch out the sugar for agave nectar (or even stevia). It’s a healthy substitute and you won’t even notice the difference in this low-cal recipe. Get the Skinny Mojito recipe.

Odds are you’re making a mojito in the summertime, and if so, why not make it a frozen mojito? This refreshing slushy mojito may be even more perfect than the original on a really hot day. Get our Slushy Mojito recipe.

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St. Germain is an unexpected surprise in this mojito, sweetened with honey and garnished with mint, lemon, and lime. Add edible flowers as an added garnish if you can find them for an extra summery touch. Get the Floral Mojito recipe.

A whole Satsuma mandarin orange is crushed into a glass and then turned into a cocktail in this fruity fresh mojito. Lime, mint, simple syrup, and rum are mixed together for a surprisingly boozy treat. Get Cochon’s Satsuma Mojito recipe.

Can’t decide between a mojito and a margarita? Don’t! This minty, refreshing drink brings tequila and velvet falernum into the mix. Get our Mojito Margarita recipe.