Why have plain ol' margaritas when you can have strawberry margarita Jello shots? That's right—these festive recipes kick Cinco de Mayo classics up a notch. From margarita donuts to Mexican sweet potato cheese fries, wow your guests (or completely steal the show at any potluck) with these super-creative spins.


Mexican Recipes: Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots
Photo: Red Alert Live

We can speak from experience: We made these once, and they were a huge hit. Honestly, what's not to love about mini margarita shots in a candy-sweet strawberry? Just be careful not to scoop out too much. You might accidently cut a hole in the bottom, and your liquid Jello will spill out before it can chill.

Mexican Recipes: Beer Margarita
Photo: My Crazy Good Life

Searching for another festive drink that's not your typical margarita? Try this one. The recipe is not quite as sweet (as stated above), but it still packs a lime-filled, boozy punch.


Mexican Recipes: Guacamole Deviled Eggs
Photo: The Comfort of Cooking

These deviled eggs are basically hard-boiled eggs + guac. But for a party, the presentation makes them not only beautiful but also easy to eat (almost too easy).

Mexican Recipes: Loaded Mexican Sweet Potato Cheese Fries
Photo: Peas and Crayons

Hello, scrumptious. Combine sweet potato fries and cheese fries and all the goodness of Mexican fixin's and, voilà—you have this glorious dish. Bonus: They'll only take you 25 minutes to throw together.

Mexican Recipes: Chicken Enchilada Cups
Photo: Gimme Some Oven

These perfectly portioned enchiladas are waiting to satisfy partygoers everywhere. Ditch the messy, plate-filled kind for these adorable appetizers that will fill you up if you're not careful.

Mexican Recipes: Shrimp Ceviche Stuffed Avocados
Photo: Heather Christo

If the thought of fixing ceviche is intimidating, don't sweat it. Just 25 minutes of prep is all it will take for you to pull these guys together. Simply serve with chips and margaritas.

Mexican Recipes: Queso Stuffed Poblanos
Photo: Pinch of Yum

If you're in charge of providing a dish with a bit more substance, make these rice- and cheese-filled poblano peppers your go-to. The stuffing is loaded with veggies—tomato sauce, onions, and mushrooms—but no meat, making it vegetarian friendly.


Mexican Recipes: Margarita Donuts
Photo: Bubble Girl Bakes

Time for dessert! These donuts take just 22 minutes to make, and the glaze takes just 5 minutes. Not only that, but they are egg- and dairy-free. (In place of egg, the recipe calls for water and flaxseed.)

Mexican Recipes: Creamy Margarita Popsicles
Photo: Host the Toast

Cocktail popsicles, people. Yes, there's tequila in these! They're well worth the prep, but they do have to freeze for at least 6 hours. Just make them the night before and stick them in the freezer overnight.

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