Father’s Day is almost here, and no matter how much you treasure the devoted, loving, and steadfast dads in your life, between finishing up some much-needed spring cleaning and attempting to cook at least once this week, it’s all too likely that grabbing them a little something to show your undying affection has fallen by the wayside. Never fear, busy reader: That’s why we’ve compiled this list of Father’s Day gift ideas that are surefire papa-pleasers—and only a few clicks away from arriving on your doorstep.

1. DrinkUp Smart Water Bottle

Everybody loves staying hydrated, including tech-minded dads on the go. This ingenious smart bottle keeps Dad on the ball by keeping tabs on his water intake in real time. All he has to do is sync it up to his phone’s health monitoring app (Apple Health, Fitbit, etc.) and he’ll be able to track his hydration levels wherever he goes. It even nudges him to grab a glass if it senses he’s running low. Who’s the nagging parent now? ($69; drinkupbottle.com)

2. Sock Drawer Food and Drink-Themed Novelty Socks

No one says no to a good pair of socks. Spice up Dad’s weekly rotation with adorable prints of sandwiches, bacon and eggs, hot sauce bottles, chicken and waffles, ramen bowls, or Tacosauruses (self-explanatory, we think… ). Ten out of 10 dads agree these snuggly little babies are just as comfortable as they are colorful. ($5 – $13.95; sockdrawer.com)

3. Cocktail Currier Gift Card

Whether you drop a little or a lot of cash, this is one gift that keeps on giving. As you might have guessed, Cocktail Courier is basically a wine club membership, except boozier. Team up with your siblings and hook Dad up with a subscription (starting at $149.97), which gets him three, six, or 12 months of curated booze boxes stocked with everything you need to make four to 12 amazing tipples created by real mixologists, including liquor, mixers, recipes and all the rest.If you’re strapped for cash, go with a gift card and he can have his pick of one-off mini cocktail kits, some as low as $30, bar tools, custom syrups, and even bottles. These guys work with some of the most well-respected brands out there—we’re talking Patron, Plymouth, Hennessy, Fernet Branca, and Bulleit, to name a few—as well as top barkeeps from around the world, so you know they’re legit. And would you just look at how cute this special Johnnie Walker-fueled Father’s Day basket is? Sure beats a new tie. (Cost varies; cocktailcourier.com)

4. Jacques Torres Dark Chocolates

Got a dad with a sweet tooth? We got you. Each swanky box holds 12 exquisitely designed nuggets of deliciousness, ranging in flavor from a creamy Earl Grey number and a puckery square infused with fresh lemon juice to boozier, more sophisticated options like the red wine-soaked Grand Cru and the Bin 27 Port, a thick slab of velvety chocolate oozing with rich plum- and pepper-forward Fonseca BIN 27 Port. Because Dad deserves better than drugstore chocolates. ($24; mrchocolate.com)

5. Etched Globe Whiskey Glasses

Encourage your Pop’s armchair traveler ways with a set of these bulbous whiskey sippers. Each lead-free glass is smooth, sturdy, and holds 12 full ounces of whatever potion Dad prefers. And if you’ve got a few bucks to spare, you might want to spring for the full set, which, for $69.99, adds an etched glass globe decanter spinning on its axis upon an eye-catching mahogany stand. ($29.95 for a set of 2; wineenthusiast.com)

6. Pac-Man Heat Change Mug

Give your Dad’s morning coffee a retro makeover with this magical color-changing Pac-Man mug. As warm liquid fills the cup, heat-sensitive decals slowly bring Pac-Man, his delicious dots, and those unfriendly ghosts to life, making each sip a nerdy blast from the past. ($15.95; amazon.com)

7. State Beer Cap Map

Help your brew-savvy dad turn his passion into hometown pride with these sleek wooden beer cap maps. Each laser-cut board is decked out with plenty of slots to stash caps from all his prized local finds and can be organized however he’d like, whether it be geographically or, if he’s artistically included, arranged into a colorful mosaic. Procrastinators take note: If shipping times don’t meet your speedy needs, they’re also available for IRL pick-up at retail shops throughout the country. ($39; beercapmaps.com)

8. The Meatball Shop Mini Meatball Onesie and Baller Sweatshirt

Is there anything sweeter than matching Dad and baby outfits? Absolutely not, especially when meatballs are involved. Make the carnivorous new papa in your life feel like a true “Baller” with this slick old-school crewneck sweatshirt, while the wee one proudly displays their status as Dad’s “Tiny Meatball.” ($25 & $50; themeatballshop.com)

9. Verve Coffee Trekkie Kit

Outdoorsy dads won’t have to settle for crystallized campsite swill any longer if they’re packing this top-of-the-line artisan coffee kit. Tough, lightweight, and compact, the bundle includes a bag of fresh whole bean Verve Coffee, an easy-to-operate Hario hand grinder with custom filters, and a thin, collapsible drip brewing contraption from Japanese specialty brand Munieq for the perfect early morning cup. ($55; vervecoffee.com)

10. Joshua M. Bernstein’s Homebrew World

If your hobby-hungry dad’s got any big homebrewing dreams up his sleeve, consider celebrated beer expert Joshua M. Bernstein’s latest page-turner required reading. The funny, approachable read takes you on a journey through the fascinating world of homebrewing. The personalized gift package option, assembled by Bernstein himself, upgrades Dad to an autographed copy, a koozie, and a shiny new “Beer is people” button (worth it). ($25; joshuambernstein.com)

11. High West Horseshoe Bottle Opener

These hefty pop-toppers might just be the world’s most indestructible—not to mention ruggedly handsome—bottle openers on the market. Made of solid cast iron and branded with Utah-based craft whiskey distillery High West’s signature horseshoe imprint, this is the fireside conversation piece of flannel-sporting fathers everywhere. Cracking open a cold one has never looked so damn cool. ($22; highwest.com)