“This is the year I learn to cook!” If any of your friends/coworkers/pets/loved ones have said this recently, your holiday shopping just got way easier—because what new chef wouldn’t want a funky (and functional) kitchen gadget?

Before you walk blindly into Williams-Sonoma waving your credit card, take a look at our top picks. From trivets and trinkets to spiralizers and spatulas, these 11 kitchen gadgets will surely get you many homemade treats in the future.

Cuisinart Mini-Prep 4-Cup Food Processor

We use food processors for every meal (no joke). Every new cook needs a shiny Cuisinart food processor on their shelf. No need to splurge on the giant expensive ones either; the four-cup version can handle way more food than you think.Available at amazon.com, $37.15.

The Inspiralizer

If you don’t have the Inspiralized blog bookmarked yet, get on that. While you’re drooling over recipes like chickpea-bacon carbonara and buffalo cauliflower steak sandwiches, order an Inspiralizer for yourself—and a few of your zoodle-loving friends. It’s not the only spiralizing tool out there, but we think this one is a must-have for amateur chefs: It’s easy to clean, has neat storage for all the sharp parts, and uses suctions to adhere firmly to the counter for slip-free slicing. Trust us on this; we’ve spiralized a lot of veggies.Available at inspiralized.com, $39.95.

GIR Pro Spatula

It seems simple, but a spatula might be the best kitchen gadget you can gift. Just as useful for mixing cake batter as for tossing roasted veggies, the GIR Pro spatula helps you scrape, flip, spread, and fold like a (you guessed it) pro. We’re not saying we’re getting one in every color, but we’re not not saying that either.Available at amazon.com, $28.52.

Know Your Knives Cutting Board

Which knife is best for filleting fish? How about peeling onions? It’s confusing, we know. Save the new cook hours of googling and give them this instead: a Know Your Knives cutting board. The answer will literally be in front of them. Available at walmart.com, $16.95.

Chef’n Kale and Greens Stripper

Kale-obsessed friends will appreciate the Chef’n Greens stripper. It takes all the work out of prepping tough greens. Just shove those stalks through the little holes to devein kale, chard, mustard, or collard.Available at amazon.com, $7.95.

KRUPS 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker

Present this Belgian waffle maker on Christmas morning and watch their face twist with joy. Then demand they make breakfast. The iron’s four-slice capacity means there’s less waiting time. That’s right, no soggy waffles here (*praying hands emoji*).Available at krupsusa.com, $69.99.

Silicone Veggie Green Drying Mat

No new chef wants to dry their nice wine glasses on a clunky dish rack next to the coffee mugs and pasta pots? With a funky veg pattern, this silicone drying mat is a bright spot in any kitchen.Available at crateandbarrel.com, $14.95.

Gessato Chicken Trivet

Tell the future culinary artist in your life to stop resting their freshly baked pies and casseroles on dish towels and oven mitts. But be subtle about it by giving them a Gessato chicken trivet. Fun fact: If hung on the wall, it doubles as kitchen art.Available at shop.gessato.com, $12.

Taylor 4-Event Kitchen Timer With Whiteboard

When your favorite new cook feels confident enough to throw a dinner party (go them!), a timer will be of the utmost importance. They won’t have to run between phone, microwave, oven, and roommate’s alarm clock if you give them this four-in-one gadget. With an attached whiteboard, it’ll help them keep track of dishes in the most organized way possible.Available at amazon.com, $19.99.

Zazzle Kitchen Conversions and Clean-Dirty Magnets

Do you have an index card taped to your dishwasher that reads “clean” on one side and “dirty” on the other? No idea how many cups are in a pint? One more question: Would you believe magnets could make kitchen life about a billion times easier? Yeah, they can. We found Zazzle’s flippable clean-and-dirty and kitchen conversion magnets so helpful, we know you’re gonna want to throw both in someone’s stocking.Available at zazzle.com, $5.25 and $5.75.

Drop Kitchen Scale and Recipe App

Everyone should use a scale for measuring, but let’s be real: There are only a few who will actually buy one. Pick one up for them—preferably Drop, a kitchen scale and app that connects to an iPad or iPhone. The app also comes with simple recipes and a wireless button to avoid touching your precious technology with cooking hands.Available at amazon.com, $64.99

Still searching for that perfect present? We’ve got tons more gift ideas up our sleeves.

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