If you think Indian food is too tricky to make at home, think again. This week’s featured foodie is Richa Gupta of My Food Story. She makes easy and healthy Indian dishes that are just as fun to cook as they are to eat. Don’t live near an Indian market? Don’t freak out! Just run to any regular grocery store and head down the international aisle. And if you think we’re about to just show you a bunch of curry recipes, brace yourself…

1. Quinoa and Apple Pudding (Kheer)

How many times have you made the same boring bowl of oatmeal for breakfast? It ends now! This fiber-rich porridge is a traditional Indian dessert, but we think it makes a killer breakfast too. Swap the sugar for honey, syrup, or coconut sugar (or omit altogether) and serve chilled, with plenty of chopped pistachios.

2. Golden Turmeric Milk

Golden milk isn’t a new trend peddled by vegan food bloggers; it’s actually an Ayurvedic Indian drink that serves as an immunity booster for colds, headaches, and joint pain. Plus, that spicy-sweet flavor is way, way better than tangerine Emergen-C.

3. Masala Roast Chicken

Roast chicken is a dinner staple, but even classics can get a little boring. The best way to jazz up the bird is to coat it with a thick layer of chile paste made from spices, honey, and a bit of butter. Roast with onions, lemon, garlic, and potatoes underneath; add some carrots or sweet potato; and this is the one-pan dinner of our dreams.

4. Whole Baked Cauliflower

Want to make a showstopping main dish, but need to keep things meatless? Roast a whole head of cauliflower. Note: This recipe calls to rub the cauliflower with “hung curd,” which is essentially strained yogurt. If you don’t have time to strain, Greek yogurt should get the job done! Fill the rest of the roasting dish with potatoes and onions, and serve with naan and greens.

5. Peas, Potato, and Paneer Patties (Tiki)

Instead of slapping together a bunch of burgers, try a batch of tiki. These pea and potato patties bind together with a bit of oat flour, and protein-rich paneer (or cottage cheese!) keeps them moist. Serve with any store-bought tamarind-based sauce, or make a lime and brown sugar sauce yourself.

6. Mango and Turmeric Brown Rice

You need to get on the seasoned rice-wave. Sauté onions and mango with chiles and a hefty pour of Indian spices to dye cooked brown rice an awesome shade of gold. Serve this dish with leftover tofu or chicken, and a pile of greens on the side.

7. Baked Onion Fritters (Pakodas)

Onion ring fans, listen up: This crispy fritters taste like the real deal, yet instead of a trip in fry-oil, they’re oven-baked and gluten-free to boot. Use a spiralizer to get the onions noodle-thin, but slicing them works just fine too. Eat immediately to avoid sogginess, but that doesn’t sound like a tough job to us.

8. Bombay Potatoes (Chatpate Masala Aloo)

Why don’t we all eat simple spice-dusted roasted potatoes for every meal? They go just as wonderfully with eggs as they do dinner proteins. So if you’ll excuse us, we’re about to make a massive batch.

9. Crunchy Roasted Masala Chickpeas

We’re all about crunchy, salty snacks, so trust us when we say that these roasted chickpeas are officially added to our rotation. Make your first batch with the paprika, cumin, garlic, and garam masala spice mix, the mix it up with honey and mustard, or za’atar and chile powder—even cinnamon and sugar.

Richa runs her blog, My Food Story, from her kitchen in Bangalore. She is a compulsive snacker who loves curry and can’t live without breakfast! Her aim is to get people to choose cooking at home over takeout, and she likes to keep her recipes fun, easy, and mostly healthy. For more from Richa, follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.