This year, you’re cordially invited to get a little more creative when it comes to your hostess gifts. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with showing up with a classic Cab, but there’s also nothing exciting about it. So if you’re really trying to dazzle the hostess with the mostest, we recommend thinking outside the bottle.

Now you’re probably thinking—if not wine, then what?! Fret not. We’ve got a full range of gift options, ordered from least to most expensive, so whether you’re attending your best friend’s party or showing up at the house of a kind stranger, you’ll know the right thing to bring.

1. Himalayan Salt and Grater

From salt lamps to neti pot cleanses, healing Himalayan salt is popping up in all sorts of unlikely places. But one great way to absorb the many health benefits of this mineral-rich salt is to eat it. Simply grate over any dish that needs a little seasoning for a healthier, hipper dining experience.($9-$35;

2. Wine-O’s

Every host knows that losing track of your wine glass can be catastrophic. With these colorful felt Wine-o’s, you no longer have to walk around cradling your wine glass like it’s your firstborn child.($13.50;

3. Mason Jar Shot Glasses (Set of 4)

It’s like you’re at a coffee shop but you’re drinking tequila. That’s what’s so beautiful about these mason jar shot glasses: They look lovely, but they’re really just here to party. Bring a set of 4—or to really bring the hipster hype, pair with a liquor of your choice.($12.95;

4. Slivered Geode Coaster

TBH, these might be the first coasters that have made us consider using coasters. Gold-rimmed, elegant, and useful for any party where libations are flowing, these hidden gems are the ideal gift to bring to any party.($14 each;

5. Slow Brew Sloth Tea Infuser

Usually, finding a sloth in your mug is reason to panic… but this slow-brew kit will help your host take it slow. Needless to say, we love this sloth tea infuser almost as much as Kristen Bell loves actual sloths.($16.48;

6. Dottie Honey Pot

With a little wooden stirrer to boot, this ceramic bear honey pot from Anthropologie is the perfect way to add something a little sweet to your host’s kitchen.($20;

7. Cow Wine Stopper

Leftover wine from the party? Nothing a few cows can’t handle! This hand-carved wine stopper fits snugly in the top of your bottle with a leak-proof seal. So you can party until the cows come home… and save some of the fun for later.($20;

8. Avocado and Peppermint Hand, Cuticle, and Foot Balm

Give the gift of well-deserved relaxation after a long day of hosting with Captain Blankenship’s Avocado and Peppermint Balm. With cocoa butter, calendula extract, and essential oils, it keeps hands and feet smelling sweet and feeling soft.($24;

9. Veggie Lover’s Tea Towels

We don’t always condone food puns (orange you glad we use them sparingly?), but we can’t get enough of these decorative dish towels. This set of three will be perfect for hosts who love veggies, food puns, and/or Rick Ross.($25.46;

10. Compartes Chocolate Truffles (10 pieces)

If you’ve never seen chocolate that looks like it should be behind a frame rather than on a plate, you’ve never met a Compartes truffle. The only downside to these colorful chocolates is that they’re almost too pretty to eat… almost…($26.95;

11. Mama and Baby Champagne Gummy Bears

OK, so we’re giving you the go-ahead to bring champagne, but only in its most adorable form! These mama- and baby-size champagne-infused gummy bears come in Brut and Rosé. Festive and non-alcoholic, they’re perfect for any occasion.($28.50;

12. Pyramid Geometric Hanging Terrarium

Headed to a housewarming? This hanging terrarium is the perfect gift for the host who’s new in town. Pair it with an air plant or a small succulent of your choice, and the pyramid glass terrarium will add a stylish, contemporary touch to any living space.($34.99;

13. Dona Chai and Turmeric Latte Combo Pack

We’re obsessed with Dona Chai, and we think everyone else should be too. Brewed with whole spices ground fresh for each batch, these full-bodied chai and turmeric concentrates make flavorful lattes that are as easy to make as they are to enjoy—just add milk.($36;

14. Matcha Brewing Kit

After a busy night of hosting, there’s probably nothing better than a hot cup of matcha in the morning. Complete with Matsu matcha powder, a glass chawan, and a mixing brush, Matchaeologist’s brewing kit comes with everything you need to craft your own artisan matcha latte right from your kitchen.($69;