Our lives would be pretty bland if it weren’t for our foodie friends. For one, we wouldn’t know the difference between a macaroon and a macaron. And we probably wouldn’t have tried gator tail if it weren’t for their coaxing either. If you’re in a bit of a pickle trying to pick the perfect gift for the culinary-obsessed friends and family on your list, the following suggestions—from creative cookbooks to speciality foods to kitchen appliances—are a great place to start.

Less Than $25 Gifts

Make Your Own Rules Cookbook

We love Tara Stiles’ approach to cooking: “If you can eat, you can cook” is her laid-back philosophy. And this cookbook includes more than 100 recipes that prove her theory—no need to read recipe blogs or watch endless episodes on the Food Network. This book teaches you the basics and has tons of inventive ideas for sticking to a plant-based diet. ($24.99; amazon.com)

BUILT NY Bento Box

A bento box is the perfect brown bag alternative for type-A people. The organized compartments keep your salad from spilling over onto your side of fruit or sandwich. This lunchbox takes it one step further by adding a neoprene sleeve that insulates your meal to keep it cold (or warm) for up to four hours. ($20.48; amazon.com)

Magic Soap

Dish soap, water, and a little elbow grease is usually the perfect combination to clean your hands and keep them smelling good. But some foods are super smelly (we’re looking at you, garlic and onion) and their scents seep into skin. That’s when you need magic soap, which technically isn’t soap at all. The stainless steel sphere does, however, remove pesky smells: Simply rub it while running your hands under cold water for 30 seconds. ($11; kikkerland.com)

Star Wars Stormtrooper Mug

This mug is a must-have gift for any caffeine addicts on your list who purchased tickets to the midnight screening of the newest Star Wars installment. They’ll think about you every time they sip their morning cup of joe, and when the brew is extra strong, they’ll have an excuse to say, “The force is strong with this one.” ($24.99; calendars.com)

Chocolate Vegetarian Salami

We didn’t think chocolate could get any better. But then we were introduced to chocolate vegetarian salami—a roll where cocoa nibs and dark chocolate blend beautifully with dates, dried figs, and marzipan—and our view changed forever. This “salami” is perfect for cheese platters, paired with wine, or just really anytime you’re looking for a foodgasm. ($15; dudesweetchocolate.com)

Cooking Measurement Tea Towel

Quick: How many pints are in a half gallon? (Four, for those playing along at home.) Anytime you’re halving a recipe (shout-out to the cooking-for-one crowd), mental math is necessary. Save yourself from relying on memory or getting your phone all sticky while Google-ing the conversion—this clever towel from Pop Chart Lab comes to the rescue every time. ($16; popchartlab.com)

Orange Is the New Black Cookbook

Domesticity isn’t the first word that comes to mind when we think of the Netflix show, but a lot happens in the kitchen at Litchfield State, from drug smuggling to major plot twists (no spoilers—we promise!). This is the perfect gift for your Netflix and chill buddy. Plus, it’s not just a gag gift—it comes with very real (and very delicious) recipes, from Red’s Chicken Kiev to Miss Claudette’s Coconut Cake. ($24.95; amazon.com)

RawSpiceBar Subscription

What’s the easiest way to add flavor to anything—from chicken to popcorn? Spices, of course! But with hundreds of options to add a little kick to your food, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s where RawSpiceBar comes in. The subscription service sends themed boxes every month highlighting flavors from a specific region. Each box includes three spices and accompanying recipes to get you started. ($6 per month; rawspicebar.com)

Less Than $50 Gifts

Build Your Own Macaron Box

Move over, Jelly Belly, there’s a new bite-size dessert that comes in every flavor imaginable. Yup, we’re talking about macarons. And this gift box lets you choose from more than a dozen gluten-free flavors, including carrot cake, peanut butter and jelly, and champagne celebration. OK, there’s no buttered popcorn, but who likes that flavor anyway? ($30 for 12; danasbakery.com)

Bacon Making Kit

We all have that friend who puts bacon in everything—hamburgers, salads, even brownies. This bacon making kit is the next logical step—after all, they should see how the sausage (er, bacon) is made. It comes with all the accessories you need, including coconut sugar, cracked black pepper, flaked sea salt, and a thermometer. Now you just have to bring home the pork belly.($39.95; williams-sonoma.com)

The Chef Tote

This trendy bag is ideal for the gourmand who’s always on the go: It’s sturdy enough to carry anything from gym clothes to a week’s worth of groceries. Everlane teamed up with five well-known chefs to come up with the phrases printed on the totes, playing on the company’s slogan, “Know your factory.” Best of all: The profits from the tote bags go to Edible Schoolyard NYC, a nonprofit that educates school children about healthy eating. ($45; everlane.com)

Sriracha Lovers Gift Set

You know what makes ketchup even better? Mixing it with Sriracha. In addition to Srirachup, this gift set also includes barrel-aged Sriracha, Sriracha spice rub, and barrel-aged hot sauce. ($36; sosusauces.com)

Green Thumb Gift Set

Fresh herbs take virtually any dish from bland to bursting with flavor. And growing them at home just got easier—even if you don’t have a green thumb—thanks to this adorable kit with mini-mason jar planters. After a few days of watering, the lucky recipient will see the first buds of basil, cilantro, parsley, and clover. ($35; sesamegifts.com)

Nordic Egg Waffle Pan

When it comes to breakfast, waffles hit it out of the park (even if you grabbed them from the freezer). But egg waffles, traditionally sold by street vendors in Hong Kong, take things to a new level. This treat gets its name from the egg-shaped balls of dough, and it tastes even better topped with fruit and powdered sugar and rolled like a crepe. You’ll never go back to boring old Eggos again. ($49.95; williams-sonoma.com)

All-in-One Kitchen Tool Set

For foodies, city life is a double-edged sword: It grants you access to amazing chefs and restaurants, but it also means having a pint-size kitchen. And that’s where this clever gadget comes in handy. It’s about the size of a bottle of wine and includes eight kitchen tools: a funnel, lemon squeezer, spice grater, egg masher, cheese grater, egg separator, measuring cup, and a grip for hard-to-open lids. Give it to that friend who can never find a thing in his overflowing drawers. ($40; momastore.org)

Less Than $100 Gifts

Kale Sweatshirt

Ever since we saw Beyoncé rock this sweatshirt in the music video for “7/11,” we knew that we also needed to tell the world about our mutual love for the green leafy vegetable. This is the perfect gift for any members of the Beyhive, so they can channel the Queen as they dance on balconies or in bathrooms—or more realistically, just lounge around in this comfortable leisure wear. ($64; suburbanriot.com)

Minipresso GR

Don’t worry, caffeine fiends, we didn’t forget about you. This portable espresso maker allows you to get your java jolt anywhere, anytime—no electricity needed. Simply place ground coffee in the filter basket, add hot water, and use two fingers to pump the piston that combines the coffee and water to make an amazing cup of espresso. ($59; wacaco.com)

T-Fal 10-in-1 Rice and Multi-Cooker

Meet the Crock-Pot on steroids. Not only is this kitchen appliance a slow cooker, it also has nine more pre-set programs for rice, risotto, oatmeal, yogurt, soup, baking, browning, reheating, and keeping food warm. It’s so versatile, you’ll start to wonder if you need any other appliances. ($99.99; bedbathandbeyond.com)


Vitamix S30

Calling the Vitamix a blender almost seems unfair. It pulverizes any food (and maybe non-food, though we don’t recommend testing that theory) to make smoothies, juices, salad dressings, soups, nut butters, and so much more. The S30 is the company’s first personal blender, and it comes with a traditional 40-ounce container and a 20-ounce travel cup. ($399; vitamix.com)