Wings tend to get a bad rap because they’re often deep-fried and smothered in sauce. But they can be made healthier without sacrificing flavor or crispiness. The following recipes are baked, grilled, or made in that beloved kitchen appliance—the slow cooker.

Some of the sauces veer into the not-so-healthy territory (we see you, truly crispy oven-baked buffalo wings), but if you keep the dressing on the side or skip it altogether—the wings will still taste delicious.

Now go forth, and eat your protein.

1. Slow Cooker Garlic Parmesan Wings

When we said a Crock-Pot could do anything, we meant it. Whip out the magical appliance for this recipe that will surely be a hit. The garlic Parmesan sauce isn’t too spicy, making it the perfect crowd-pleaser. One thing to keep in mind: While the Crock-Pot is convenient, the wings never really get that crispy.

2. Baked Honey Sriracha Wings

The flavor combination in this recipe is everything. Even though these wings are baked, they end up tasting fried after you slather on the sweet, spicy glaze right before broiling. Best of all: You can make them in less than an hour.

3. Bourbon Maple-Glazed Chicken Wings

Bourbon gives a subtly smoky flavor to these sticky wings, but otherwise you can’t taste the alcohol in the dish. The simplicity of this recipe (just eight common ingredients and 35 minutes in the oven) will make it a go-to favorite. Remember to have a lot of napkins on hand, though.

4. Truly Crispy Oven-Baked Buffalo Wings

A self-proclaimed “game-changer,” this recipe makes wings so crispy you’ll swear they were deep-fried. Eat them with celery sticks and blue cheese dip to stop that mouth-on-fire feeling (and the inevitable brow sweat).

5. Dry-Rub Grilled Wings

For most of us, grilling isn’t an option at this time of year—it’s just way too cold. But if you’re lucky enough to live where it’s still warm, there’s this recipe. Whip out the grill and prepare this healthier version of wings with olive oil, rosemary, and a Sriracha mayo dipping sauce. Yum.

6. Greek Baked Chicken Wings

Have you ever seen a wings recipe quite like this? Crumbled feta and olives pair with garlic, lemon, oregano, olive oil, and honey for a healthier marinade and garnish than most sauces you’ll find out there.

7. Baked Chipotle Honey Lime Hot Wings

If you like your wings HOT, this recipe is for you. The spices in the rub combined with the flavor of the honey lime sauce makes these bad boys crazy spicy. In fact, the recipe recommends tasting the wings before adding the sauce, so they don’t end up hotter than you’d like.