Sandwiches and salads are go-to options for midday meals, but when it’s polar vortex-ing like 2016 outside, nobody wants to bite into raw veggie wraps or cool, crisp greens. These 18 healthy sandwiches and salads show you how to enjoy your favorite lunch items the warmer way. From pressed paninis to vegan grilled cheeses to roasted vegetable and meat medleys, these hot recipes might become your new favorite winter comfort foods.

Healthy Sandwich Recipes

Broccoli rabe isn’t the most popular sandwich ingredient, but this recipe makes a great case for why it should be. It’s more robust than a leafy green and stronger in flavor, and its texture and taste both hold up especially well to the garlic and rich vegan cheese drizzle.

These adorable slider-style patties are tucked into mini bagels instead of large buns, so you can eat more than one without feeling like a human Big Mac. No need for a grill either—these babies get baked right in the oven.

Breading and frying are probably the world’s favorite ways to eat eggplant, but man, can that veggie soak up oil! This recipe not only bakes it instead of frying, but does away with the oil altogether, using eggs, Parmesan, and almond milk to help it retain moisture without getting soggy in the sandwich.

With spinach, avocado, zucchini, and a touch of pesto, the amount of green going on here has got to make this one of the healthiest grilled cheeses ever. Plus, it’s ready in all of seven minutes, making it one of the quickest recipes on this list too.

Inspired by the lip-smacking sandwich sold at streetside stalls in Mumbai, this sandwich uses mint chutney, cumin, coriander, and ginger to spice up its cheese filling. Amp up the healthy factor by using multigrain bread instead of white—it won’t be as traditional, but it’ll sneak in some more fiber.

Thanks to just six quality ingredients, you can take yourself to Italy (OK, fine, maybe just your taste buds) on your lunch break. With roasted bell peppers standing in for tomatoes and salami added for a meaty upgrade, this sandwich is the king of Capreses.

This panini isn’t just about slapping some cheese and tomato on bread and calling it a day. With a fresh basil-infused, lemony Greek yogurt spread, plus some turkey for added protein, it turns the volume up on the basic pressed sandwich.

No tuna in these melts. Instead, meaty, sautéed portabella slices step in to make this meal substantial even without the animal protein. Swiss cheese keeps the sandwich nice and gooey, though the lack of butter makes sure it’s also relatively grease-free.

Healthy Salad Recipes

From the cardamom and cumin to the turmeric and ginger, the Moroccan flavors in this salad sure know how to treat veggies right. Plus, with roasted apple, butternut squash, and onion, there’s enough sweetness here without the need for added sugar in the dressing at all.

With shredded Brussels sprouts, fresh apples, dried raisins, and baked tempeh all tossed in a citrusy dressing, this is anything but your run-of-the-mill salad. Don’t be put off by the time it takes to make it either; most of it is just waiting around for things to marinate or roast, so it’s not a lot of actual hands-on work.

Roasting the tomatoes and asparagus right alongside the steak makes sure that the veggies can soak up some of the meat’s juices while cooking for maximum flavor. Tossed onto spring lettuce and topped with walnuts and gorgonzola cheese, this colorful medley rivals the salads at even the best restaurants.

Salmon, green tea, and asparagus all on one plate? Hello, healthy meal! The honey-kissed green tea dressing here is unconventional, but you’ll be surprised at how well its subtle sweetness pairs with the garlicky fish and veggies.

Green lentils add plant-based protein to this Turkish-inspired salad, but if you don’t have time to cook dried beans, canned or pre-packaged versions will work just as well. For maximum flavor, don’t pan-sear the halloumi until just before serving; not only will it taste the freshest, but it’ll also keep the salad nice and warm.

A grain bowl? A salad? Given that the broccoli and kale take center stage here, we’re going with the latter, although the supporting cast of quinoa, nuts, seeds, and Dijon dressing put in strong performances too, making the whole ensemble a pretty delicious dish.

When you’ve got high-quality produce, you really don’t need much else. This salad is proof. It tastes complex, but actually, nothing but salt, pepper, and olive oil have been used to season the caramelized vegetable and chickpea mixture.

With cauliflower rice being all the rage these days, don’t forget how delicious large, roasted florets of the veggie can be. They’re especially tasty here, combined with naturally sweet dates, a zesty dressing, and fruity herbs.

With starchy carbs from the potatoes, protein from the sausage, healthy fats from the eggs, and produce from the green beans, this simple but satisfying salad is balanced eating goals. Although the blogger recommends it as a summer dish, all the warm components and hearty elements make it a pretty perfect cold-weather meal too.

Even though this salad calls for fewer than 10 ingredients, it provides an impressive variety of flavors and textures, from the sweet butternut squash and balsamic reduction to the crunch of the hazelnuts, the peppery arugula, and the absolute best part: dollops of melt-in-your-mouth burrata. And for those of you worried about getting enough protein from plant-based foods, take note that there are 12 grams of it per serving here.