I scream, you scream, we all scream — for something different for breakfast. When it’s hot outside (or even when it’s not), a steaming bowl of oatmeal might not be what you’re craving to fuel up for the day. Here are nine breakfast ice pop recipes that use familiar morning ingredients like fruit, yogurt, granola, and chia seeds in new ways.

Bring on the brain freeze!

Think of these berry-licious babies as the frozen version of overnight oats. Just like the trendy, no-cook oatmeal, you can pop them in cool temps for safekeeping, then pull them out when you’re ready to eat.

This recipe makes use of fresh blackberries blended with almond milk, oats, banana, honey or maple syrup, vanilla, and yogurt for a gluten-free way to start the day.

Get the blackberry, banana, and oat breakfast popsicle recipe.

Don’t use up all of those sweet ruby-hued summer strawberries on top of your cereal or yogurt in the morning — save some of them for these popsicles.

Dietitian, cookbook author, and food blogger Tori Wesszer whips up these treats with ripe strawberries, Greek yogurt, almond milk, and lemon juice, layered with granola and even more Greek yogurt (for epic protein content at breakfast).

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While summer’s still in session, blending blueberries (both fresh and in the form of jam) with rich cream cheese and milk makes for a creamy, dreamy treat any time of day. Since there’s so much fruit in them, we’d totally eat these ice pops for an occasional breakfast.

This recipe calls for a blueberry lemon basil jam, but if you only have a plain blueberry jam on hand, try adding a little lemon juice and fresh basil or mint to get a similar flavor.

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Chia seeds deliver high amounts of fiber, protein, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids in one low calorie package — and they also happen to have a delightfully chewy texture when soaked, as in these breakfast pops.

This recipe’s totally riff-abble using whatever fruit you have on hand, from mango to strawberries. Once pureed, they’re layered with a mix of full-fat coconut milk, chia seeds (obvs), maple syrup, and vanilla extract. (Because, if you ask us, layers make any food extra irresistible.)

Get the fruity coconut breakfast popsicle recipe.

Protein and potassium pair up in these appealing treats-on-a-stick that combine the totable breakfast fruit with the beloved sandwich spread.

Just five healthful ingredients blend their way into these popsicles: bananas, peanut butter, Greek yogurt, milk, and honey. Try crushed granola or chocolate chips at the bottom of the molds for a crunchy surprise.

Get the peanut butter and banana breakfast popsicle recipe.

Is there any greater foodie delight than sinking your teeth into a perfectly ripe peach? Its aroma and flavor are only matched by the sheer, messy joy of letting the juice drip down your chin.

This recipe uses both white and yellow peaches (the former tend to have more of a delicate floral note), Greek yogurt, honey, and kefir to create a chilled experience of summer’s peachy pleasures. For added texture, optional chia seeds, toasted coconut flakes, or slivered almonds can join the peach party.

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If you think fall signals the end of fun summery treats, think again. PSL fans or aficionados of all things pumpkin spice-flavored will love this spicy, creamy, pumpkin-y creation.

Easy-peasy canned pumpkin puree is blended and frozen along with plain yogurt, pumpkin pie spice, vanilla extract, and honey, then layered with granola. Grab one before you head out to the patch to pick the perfect gourd for your front porch.

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Crushing on green juice in the morning? Switch things up with these brightly colored pops. Just like the nutrient-rich drink, these are loaded with kale leaves, along with green grapes, brewed green tea, banana, honey, and Greek yogurt. And of course, you could always go even greener by adding spinach, cucumber, mint, or basil.

Get the green smoothie breakfast popsicle recipe.

Sure, dairy yogurt is creamy, but it doesn’t own the market on smooth, velvety texture. The almond milk yogurt in these fruity pops offers plenty of thickness without the gastrointestinal issues dairy causes for some folks.

Even if you’re not dairy-free, the mix of summery berries and sweet, crunchy granola might make you wanna whip these up for a tasty, portable morning meal.

Get the dairy-free yogurt and granola breakfast popsicle recipe.

Breakfast popsicle pro tips

For the perfect chilled-out morning treat, stick to these best popsicle practices.

  • Vary your liquid! Milk, nut milks, juices, coconut water, and coconut milk are all fair game.
  • Try adding up to a tablespoon of corn starch to cream-based popsicles to keep them from becoming icy.
  • To loosen popsicles from their molds, run them briefly under warm water.
  • Dry add-ins like granola or nuts tend to crumble off when placed at the bottom of a popsicle. Try incorporating them toward the top or middle of your pop.
  • Popsicles can be a pretty sweet start to your day. To avoid a mid-morning sugar crash, keep added sweetener to a minimum, letting fruit do the work of sweetening.
  • Who says fruit gets to have all the fun? Lots of veggies can add flavor and nutrition to popsicles, too. Check out these 9 veg-sicles.