You put healthyish food on your table, but what about in your pup’s bowl? Thanks to the pet industry’s increased focus on wholesome, healthy food, it’s becoming easier to feed Fido meals you could almost eat yourself (maybe). We’re talking about healthy dog food made with real ingredients such as fruit, veggies, animal proteins, and whole grains, not kibble that looks similar to the Cocoa Puffs you ate yesterday used to eat as a kid.

We like to think of this trend as taking your dog out to a farm-to-table restaurant versus picking up a hot dog and a bag of chips at the corner store. We’re not saying kibble is bad, but if companies make it easier for your best friend to eat foods with less processed ingredients, we say that’s a win.

Since National Dog Day is right around the corner (we put it right up there with Christmas), we rounded up a list of healthy dog food brands (some of which we personally use for our own four-legged friends). Here’s to making your dog’s diet a little less ruff.

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1. The Farmer’s Dog

Develop a personalized meal plan for your pup based on factors such as breed, weight, and activity plan, then The Farmer’s Dog will ship preportioned meals made with human-grade USDA ingredients within days of cooking them. Food comes in a variety of proteins (turkey, beef, or pork) and is packed with fruit, vegetables, lentils, and tons of vitamins and minerals. It’s sort of like working with a doggie nutritionist. Plus, deliveries are timed to make sure you never run out of food. For small pups, the price averages out to about $3 per day (a.k.a. less than your daily cold brew). Your dog’s name also comes on the food packs, which is just really cute. Test it out with a two-week trial if you’re not ready to commit.(Prices vary;

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2. Nom Nom Now

Why not treat your dog’s dinner like a restaurant meal? This San Francisco-based company uses whole, human-grade, California-grown ingredients sourced from restaurant suppliers to make its five blends. Each one was developed by veterinary nutritionist Justin Shmalberg for nutritional balance and vital nutrients. Enter your dog’s info here to see how much your pup’s meal plan would cost.(Prices vary;

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3. PetPlate

You’re into healthy fats (hello, great skin and hair), and your best friend should be too. PetPlate incorporates safflower and sardine oils into its dog food, as well as healthy carbs from potato and sweet potato and vegetables like carrots. Bonus: PetPlate offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee to ensure your pooch will love it.(Prices vary;

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4. Ollie

Like the other meal-delivery services, Ollie customizes plans based on a variety of specifications, including breed, age, allergies and more, but we love that the company includes a custom scoop, so you’re always giving your pup exactly the right amount of eats. Plus, new dogs get 50 percent off their first box, so trying Ollie is a best-in-show option.(Prices vary;

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5. Lucky Dog Cuisine

If your dog is working on his summer bod, this may be the choice for him. On its site, Lucky Dog claims that 40 percent of dogs are obese and that its whole food-based meals will help your furry friend maintain an ideal weight. The company also partners with nonprofit Food Animal Concerns Trust to provide Livestock Guardian Dogs to independent family farmers.(Prices vary;