Have you ever come home after happy hour and decided you were going to MasterChef the heck out of your kitchen? Ya know, real fancy things like heating up a frozen pizza, making boxed mac and cheese, and prying open the pint of ice cream with all your might? Same. That’s probably why we relate so hard to Hannah Hart, the real master of a drunk kitchen. Hart is the BFF we’ve never actually hung out with but know we’d be friends with because she knows how to have fun while also living that healthyish life.

Hart admits to showing her silly side on My Drunk Kitchen, but behind the camera, she says she’s super healthy. She believes “your body is a tool and a temple, so you need to treat it that way.” We try, Hart, we try. What if we don’t succeed and then we feel rundown from too much traveling/partying/eating bad foods? Her trick is to put a few drops of oil of oregano on her tongue. If it sounds weird, don’t knock it yet. We think it helps too. Celebs really are just like us.

In I Hart Food, Hart travels the country eating and learning how to cook the freshest, most local ingredients in the best ways. You don’t know lobster rolls until you see the Portland, ME, episode. We digress, but her biggest trick for preventing a cold when she’s on all of those airplane rides is to rub Neosporin in her nose. We have no idea if this is legit, but we are so trying this.

Since she’s full of little tricks that keep her feeling good, we were hoping she had the ultimate solution for horrible hangovers. But her best piece of advice? Don’t drink too much. She keeps herself in check by drinking water between cocktails and controls how much she’s drinking so she doesn’t get too wasted. Her body gets confused when she drinks… it’s like WTF, girl, you were just so good to me all week eating kale and drinking smoothies, but now you’re drowning me in vodka and late-night pizza? But, Hannahhhhhh, what if that “accidentally” happens?

She does something we can all relate to: She eats. Her go-to meals consist of chilaquiles to help soak up the night before or, if she feels like she needs something a little more comforting, pozole soup. Sometimes she has the energy to cook for herself, and then it’s always huevos rancheros. See, we knew we’d be besties.

To see if Hart’s post-drinking foods really work, we rounded up a few healthyish recipes that seem super similar to what she’d make herself.

1. Simple Healthy Chilaquiles

If you need something in your stomach faster than you can dial the bagel delivery man, you should make these simple chilaquiles. Layered with crispy tortilla chips, enchilada sauce, egg, and cheese (we say go with goat and cheddar), these are practically Mexican breakfast nachos, and yes, they’re as good as they sound.

2. Nana’s Pozole Mexican Soup

We can’t say soup would have been on our No. 1 list for hangovers, but Hart opened our eyes. It’s like a pulled pork sandwich made into a soup, and now everything is right in the world (if only the headache would go away).

3. 10-Minute Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Tostadas

Goodbye, long lines at our favorite brunch spot just to get a mediocre meal and a watered-down mimosa. With this Mexican recipe, we’ll be soaking up last night’s sins in 10 minutes, right in our own kitchen.

Hannah Hart is an entertainer and New York Times best-selling author. With over 5 million followers across her social platforms, Hart is the creator and star of the award-winning weekly web series My Drunk Kitchen, which has amassed millions of views since its first episode premiered in 2011. You can also watch her in I Hart Food on the Food Network at 10 p.m. EST. Born and raised in Northern California, Hart currently resides in Los Angeles.