Halloween is creeping (and crawling) up on the calendar, and we’re way too excited. While we’ve been debating our costume options since mid-June, the one thing we know for sure is we’ll be celebrating with spooky drinks. Whether you’re heading to a monster bash or watching Hocus Pocus on your couch, these cocktails will get you festively tipsy… because we know you’re only in it for the BOOs.

Freak out friends by mixing a cocktail that stares the whole time. And don’t stop with the drinks—float those edible eyeballs in anything you can, and just wait ‘til you hear the screams!2 ounces gin or vodka 1/2 ounce vermouth Peeled lychees (canned, rinsed if in syrup) Blueberries1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add gin and vermouth. Shake well and pour into a chilled martini glass. 2. Push blueberries into the opening of the lychee. Float in martini.

Be smarter than Snow White and don’t take food—or drinks—from strangers on Halloween (or ever!). But if you’re mixing drinks yourself, this sweet and tart sipper is the way to go.2 ounces apple cider 2 ounces unsweetened pomegranate juice 2 ounces vodka Large sage leaf (optional, garnish)1. Shake all ingredients together in a cocktail shaker with ice. 2. Pour into a rocks or wine glass (the rounder the better). 3. Slice the sage leaf halfway up and place on the rim of the glass.

Double, double toil and trouble! Make a few batches of this electric-green drink; it’s best served by ladle from a cauldron… or y’know, just a punch bowl. Plastic spider rings Ice cube tray1/2 small cucumber (about 3-inch piece) 5 mint leaves 2 ounces gin 2 ounces tonic water (or club soda)1. Make the spider ice by washing the rings with dish soap and water. Place the rings in an empty ice cube tray and fill with water. Freeze until solid. 2. Purée the cucumber, mint leaves, and gin in a blender until smooth. 3. Fill a tall glass with spider ice. Strain cucumber mixture through a fine mesh sieve into the glass.

Sip a few of these swamp-colored drinks, and you’ll be stomping around like any respectable beast. Not a fan of bourbon? Vodka or gin tastes just as good… and dyes the drink a prettier purple.1/2 lemon A few fresh mint leaves 1/2 ounce Blue Curaçao 2 ounces bourbon Crushed ice 1/2 ounce unsweetened cranberry juice1. In a cocktail shaker or mixing glass, mash mint and lemon using a muddler or wooden spoon handle. 2. Add Blue Curaçao and bourbon and stir. 3. Pour entire mixture into a rocks glass. Fill glass most of the way with crushed ice (pro tip: Crush ice in the blender or buy pre-crushed.) Add cranberry juice. Pile in more crushed ice.

Channel everyone’s favorite wizards and witches with a big glass of Hogsmeade’s finest. Want people to bring your drinks right to you all night? Just shout “Accio Butterbeer” repeatedly until one lands in your hand.1/2 ounce butterscotch schnapps 1 ounce spicy ginger beer 1 pumpkin ale 1. Stir schnapps and ginger beer into a tall glass or goblet. 2. Pour beer into glass until foam reaches the top.