Consider the lunch gauntlet: You forgot to meal prep (again), so you head out of the office in search of a nourishing meal that will help you crush the afternoon. But 45 minutes later, you’re surveying the wreckage of an oily plate of regret food.

If only you had a kale salad that didn’t make you want to cry tears of boredom. Right?!

Good news, guys! We teamed up with Just Salad, those geniuses who brought us the reusable bowl, to create the Greatist Kale Salad (see what we did there?). Think savory chicken, red cabbage, walnuts, and a smattering of chia seeds. But wait—there’s more: It gets topped with dried cranberries, diced apples, and celery then tossed in a tasty balsamic.

Since all Just Salad ingredients are sourced from local, organic farms and arrive fresh daily, you know your veggies are at the top of their nutritional game. Sold? You can tuck into the Greatist Kale Salad at any Just Salad in Chicago, Philly, or New York through the end of March. Find your closest location here or order online.