For those who love to eat but can’t stand the idea of hanging out in the kitchen with a wooden spoon, the holidays can be a time of anxiety. How will they get to feast on cozy winter meals and cookies galore if they can’t be bothered to cook? By getting food as presents, duh.

Here you’ll find gifts that are ready for your pals to crunch, slurp, and slice—just make sure they’re fully upwrapped first.

Antidote Chocolate 4-Pack

Antidote Chocolate makes low- and no-sugar bars with raw cacao, but that’s not why we’re obsessed with giving them as gifts. Antidote uses nuts, spices, and fruit to create unique flavor combinations, such as coffee and cardamom, and rose salt and lemon. Suffice it to say it’s pretty impossible to snap off just one square at a time.​Available at and select locations, $29.

Little Belgians Speculoos S’mores Kit

Are you already wise to the existence of Speculoos cookie butter? Just imagine how good it is in solid form (and if you’ve never tasted it, just trust us on this one). The Speculoos S’mores Kit uses crunchy Speculoos cookies in place of graham crackers. Lay a square of chocolate over the cookies and get roasting the vanilla marshmallows. This is way better than the Scouts, amiright?​Available at, $19.99.

Homeboy’s Hot Sauce

The king of condiments makes a foolproof gift: Homeboy’s Hot Sauces pair classic heat with minimalist bottle design and vibrant colors. Gift the jalapeño bottle to those who like micheladas or spicy pizza, the habanero to BBQ fans, and the verde to sharpen guac and chili. If you think you can handle it, spring for a bottle of limited-edition ghost pepper sauce. These bad boys are also small enough to fit in a bag (*insert obligatory Beyoncé joke*), which is perfect for dousing bland work lunches.​Available at and select locations, $8-$10 per bottle.

Farm to People Dinner for Two

If you and your S.O. are more of the go-out-to-dinner type than the stay-at-home-and-cook couple, you should both give each other this Dinner for Two. The package comes with everything you need for a romantic Italian dinner, from chorizo to balsamic reduction. One of you just needs to bring a loaf of bread, and the other a bottle of red. OK, so you have to cook the pasta, but if you don’t know how to boil water, you have bigger things to think about than holiday gifts.Available at, $95.

Mouth Healthy Holidays Gift Bag

What’s better than a tote bag full of gifts? A tote bag full of edible gifts. From gingery almond butter and sun-popped popcorn to organic beef jerky and spiced pumpkin seeds, the Healthy Holidays gift bag is exactly what to get your favorite snacker. The tote is easily stashed in a dorm room or office desk, and caters to every craving.Available at, $74.

Beekman 1802 Cheese of the Month

We all have a cheese-obsessed person in our lives, and this year, we will give them exactly what they want: giant blocks of their favorite food. Beekman 1802’s Cheese of the Month can be gifted as a one-time thing or a subscription, which is either very kind to your wallet or to your friend. Pretend you didn’t get your friend anything and wait until that massive wheel comes in the mail. Take out a knife and go to town. You just won the best gift award.Available at, from $50.

Munchery Gift Card

If you have a friend who’d sooner gnaw on their shoe than grill salmon for dinner, hit them with a Munchery gift card. The food delivery service whips up creative ready-to-eat recipes (mushroom ravioli! shrimp and andouille sausage jambalaya! chirashi!) from a chef-crafted, rotating menu. Sensitive to dietary restrictions and served in recyclable packaging, Munchery meals are so much better than ordering pad Thai for the third time this week.Available at, from $50 (dinners start at $7.95).

“The Starving Artist Cookbook”

Don’t freak out; we know this is actually a cookbook. Still, The Starving Artist Cookbook is perfect for your friends who never cook. Why? 1) Because cooking isn’t really that hard. 2) It’s way less expensive than eating out. Even if your friend won’t make the recipes, Sara Zin’s watercolors and stories make this book just as fun to flip through on the couch while eating cereal for dinner. Available at, $15.30.

Basbaas Somali Sauce

Basbaas is the Somali term for chili pepper, but Basbaas somali sauces are much more than spice. Though there are only two flavors (tamarind-date and coconut-cilantro), a dollop of either will make you forget all about your covering-everything-in-Sriracha habit. They’re not mega spicy or sweet like typical condiments; Basbaas sauces’ delicate yet complex flavors are intended to complement food, not smother it.Available at and select locations, $8 per jar.

Spoonful of Comfort

Maybe you got snow in your boots on the walk home, maybe your radiator is broken, or maybe you just need a hot meal. Regardless, there are few things more comforting than a warm bowl of soup on a wintry night. But opening a can of chicken noodle is about the most depressing way to enjoy a comfy meal. Spoonful of Comfort delivers a giant 64-ounce container of soup (pick one of three flavors)—plus doughy rolls and way-too-good cookies—right to the door of your favorite anti-cook. ​Available at, $69.99.

Still searching for that perfect present? We’ve got tons more gift ideas up our sleeves.