There are some pretty scary facts about bakery muffins (some have more sugar than a fat slice of cake!), so we prefer to bake them ourselves. But to avoid making the same generic “healthy muffin” recipe over and over, we asked this week’s featured foodie, Arman Liew of The Big Man's World, for a few more suggestions. Arman’s sharing his seven favorite gluten-free muffin recipes—and we are so ready to chow down.

big mans world muffins: Blueberry

These soft blueberry muffins will rival the ones you used to order in a diner (“toasted with butter, please!”). Their oat flour base makes the fluffiest muffin possible, and in case you were wondering, does extremely well when smothered in almond butter.

big mans world muffins: Carrot Cake

If you find yourself craving carrot cake for breakfast (is that just us?), make these muffins ASAP. The recipe may say a glob of cream cheese frosting is optional, but we’re not too sure…

big mans world muffins: Funfetti

If you don’t love Funfetti, GTFO. Maybe that’s harsh, but how could anyone turn up their nose at this rainbow snack? Bring them to your office for your boss’s birthday, and you’ll probably be up for a raise next week.

big mans world muffins: Cranberry

You might be more familiar with white chocolate cranberry cookies, but they’re equally pleasing in muffin form. Make a batch for your next potluck's dessert and dare anyone who complains to take the first bite. (They'll apologize immediately.)

big mans world muffins: Chocolate

If you like flourless chocolate cake, this is the muffin for you. While these won’t taste like the uber-rich restaurant version, we’re 100 percent OK with having chocolate for breakfast. How 'bout you?

big mans world muffins: Sweet Potato

For a twist on the more everyday pumpkin muffin, use another orange vegetable—the sweet potato. Bonus: Since these orange taters are naturally sweeter than pumpkin, you can rely on less added sugar without losing flavor.

big mans world muffins: Pumpkin

Not only do these muffins taste like pumpkin pie, they’re practically screaming out for chocolate frosting. Plus, they’re mixed up in the blender—can you say no-sweat cleanup?

Arman is the author and editor behind the healthy recipe, lifestyle, and travel blog, The Big Man's World. His debut cookbook, Clean Sweets, will be available March 14. For more from Arman, follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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