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Although I am usually very much team “yeasted” when it comes to doughnuts (one of my favorite food groups), when those in question are of the glazed chocolate baked variety, I make an exception—particularly when we are talking about holes. These tiny, dare I say, adorable baked doughnuts are deeply chocolatey, have the most tender and moist crumb, bake up in fewer than ten minutes (and are assembled in less than ten, too), and are coated in a crackly, shiny, and not-too-sweet glaze. In other words, these doughnut holes, in my humble opinion, give any yeasted variety a serious run for its money.

Yeasted doughnut holes are lovely, of course. They are puffy, airy, and light, and popping one after the other into your mouth is indeed one of life’s great pleasures. But they take time—the dough requires a stand mixer and at least one, if not two, rests—and I have not even begun to get into the frying part: There’s the tub of hot oil, the candy thermometer, the vigilant standing at the stove while frying, the splattered stovetop…I think you get the picture.

Baked doughnut holes, on the other hand, are one of the easiest things you can throw down and still expect to get more oohs and ahhs than a three-layer cake. doughnuts just have that effect on people. The ingredients are all pantry staples, and because the recipe calls for oil, rather than butter, you won’t have to wait around for the butter to soften. Plus, the whole shebang can be mixed up in a bowl with a whisk and a spatula—no fancy tools required—in very little time.

Because the doughnuts holes are baked in a mini muffin pan, you may be wondering if these are just tiny chocolate muffins. But rest assured: once these babies are glazed and piled high on a big platter, the word “muffin” will simply be erased from the conversation.

Note: These are reason enough to always have buttermilk on hand, but if there isn’t any in your fridge, you can make your own!

Buttermilk Glazed Chocolate Doughnut Holes

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