The struggle to find a balance between crowd-pleasing appetizers and healthy finger foods is all too real. But we have a solution: Cook healthier appetizers that aren’t total gut bombs… and dip them into ranch.

When ranch is still on the table, you won’t feel like you’re depriving yourself of pizza and wings (aren’t those really just vessels for ranch anyway?). These seven healthier appetizer recipes are good on their own, but they are next level when dipped into the creamy white dressing.

1. Paleo Chicken Nuggets

Even if you’re an “I don’t eat fast food anymore” kinda person, you know you miss nuggets. Make this Paleo version that’s coated in coconut flour instead of bread crumbs and pan-fried in coconut oil instead of swimming in vegetable oil. The pickle-juice marinade (yes, you read that right) does wonders for the mound of ranch dressing you’re going to dip these into.

2. Zucchini Pizza Bites

Remember those 4 a.m. nights that ended with dipping pizza into ranch? Indulge your inner college self by making these healthier pizza bites. Once dunked in ranch, they’ll remind you of the good old days.

3. Crispy Parsnip Fries

Eating fries without dip is like eating a burger without a bun. It’s just not as good. Stock your fridge because these surprisingly sweet parsnip fries are the ideal vessel for getting more ranch into your mouth. A touch of mint and lemon means you’re practically eating a salad.

4. Sweet Potato Bites With Avocado and Bacon

How good are potato skins? If you can’t get past the layer of grease left on your hand after you eat just one, you’re going to like this healthier version. With crispy bacon and an avocado spread smeared over sweet potato rounds, these taste just like the sports bar favorite. If you’re worried about losing a piece of bacon while dipping, drizzle the ranch instead.

5. BBQ Cauliflower Wings

Buffalo cauliflower wings had their moment, but now it’s time for the barbecue version to get the spotlight. If making your own barbecue sauce sounds like a snoozefest (even though it’s much easier than you think), we won’t tell if you use a store-bought version. It’s probably near the ranch dressing you have to pick up from the grocery store anyway.

6. Quinoa Onion Bites

These look like a fried finger food you’d order while watching football, but go ahead and fool your guests because these bites are way healthier and just as tasty. The simple, three-step process of combining the ingredients, rolling them into balls, and pan-frying until perfectly crispy is all it takes before these get dipped and devoured.

7. Cauliflower Breadsticks

These should really be called cauli-sticks because you won’t find any bread here. Cauliflower is broken down into bits in a food processor then dried out in the oven before getting combined with eggs, cheese, and seasonings to serve as the base, a.k.a. the bread. Top with more cheese and then bake. You can go ahead and cancel your take-out order.

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